Day in the Life of a Nursing Student

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    • avatar Shameka Baker 1

      i start in one month I'm so anxious i can't wait!!

      • avatar Valerie Jordan 0

        OH MY GOSH!!!! the white girl looks like my friend Caitlin!!!!!!!! I probably paused and went back like a billion times

        • avatar Kimberly McDonald 1

          Your Vlogs have given me the guts to follow my dreams! Congrats girl you are almost at the finish line ❤️

          • avatar That Jamerican Kidd 1

            Why u cut the music in when u was demonstrating?

            • avatar Kelsey B 1

              Great video! Everyone go check out my first video and let me know thoughts in comments!! Please like and subscribe! :)

              • avatar Theran Hackett 2

                "The wind blows and I have anxiety" lmaoo girl I know how you feel

                • avatar Cari 1

                  Why do nursing students drop the school of nursing?

                  • avatar Little_dreamer Bell 1

                    I'm 12 weeks in and I love it! My class is like a family❤️

                    • avatar Victor Rios 2

                      Hey Hi i'm a nurse in Ensenada B.C
                      good vídeo congratulations 🖒🤓

                      • avatar bianca Crawford 1

                        I graduated from the current program at Seminole. Good luck on your last semester

                        • avatar Nunez Izamar 1

                          Omg girl my first time watching your vids and I've spent 2 hours now watching them! You are so inspiring, and I'm so glad I came across your videos. I can't wait to experience all of this myself. You make me feel so exited for the future. Keep up the good work and congrats you're almost there😊👩🏼‍🎓

                          • avatar dem boi 2


                            • avatar Elizabeth Bernardino 1

                              What's the name of this song? It's been on my head lol I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your videos btw!

                              • avatar M.N. Smith 1

                                how many classes per semester?

                                • avatar TakeflightswithFrench 1

                                  I'm about to go into an Acerbated BSN program so I'm pretty nervous/excited about it all! Your videos are really making me excited for whats about to come :) I hope you continue to make videos once nursing school is over

                                  • avatar Kell Dees 0

                                    how long does it take for you to study ?

                                    • avatar Kell Dees 1

                                      where do you go to school for it be that much traffic?

                                      • avatar Glo Glo 2

                                        I'm striving to be an Rn💖

                                        • avatar John Varghese 1

                                          Thanks for sharing!! Just curious, what song is played in the video?