1. Suzy Muir Suzy Muir

    Could I be pen pals with you please my new friend my name is same on here for whatsap..and
    Suzy Vinken @gmail.com I would love to be friends xx

  2. Grace 4 All Grace 4 All

    My beautiful mother has gbm.. it's been almost 2 n a half years…. Jesus really has helped us through this Journey… she can't talk anymore and barely moves… this is so hard..

  3. Gaming Freaksh0w Gaming Freaksh0w

    How do you get brain cancer?! o:

  4. Beau Truex Beau Truex

    I just found out I'm dying of brain cancer as well… TWINZ! See ya in heaven bro.

  5. hailie marie hailie marie

    I lost my dad to glioblastoma on April 16th. he was diagnosed in november of 2014. he was an amazing dad. thanks to him i think i am going to study hospice care and volunteer big time this summer. i miss him more and more everyday. CANCER ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. but keep fighting! you seem very positive. i hope life is treating you well. subscribed! and i will keep you in my prayers!


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