Death before An Introduction to Mental Health Illness.-(Part 2).

Death before An Introduction to Mental Health Illness.
…Continuation from article ‘Artipot’ part one now part (2).

Indeed The Tower Hamlet Council officials and the members of public’s learned the highest medical clinical lesson by reading the Headline news Article “Victim of Black Magic Sex Killer” Second to none N.H.S. Mental Health Liaison Service to ensure that medical Board made no Mistake ever made?

Unfortunately, under the Islamic (Bangla) Reference book under the condition ‘Voices’ mentioned after such patients if ever, by words, or by, in writing, ever complaints regarding his states of health conditions to the Medical Professionals whom it may concerned, and fail to carry out the patients needs or request it an criminal offense committed by the Authority of states officials, without, second thought and Questions. The ultimatum sentence given nothing but “DEATH” or “KILL” for refusing the patients request in words or in writing.

But N.H.S. Mental Health Liaison allowed Mr Doraj Miah to go free in the street to seek the sexy and most beauty other than our Queen of England, Elizabeth II, probably with N.H.S. free packets of condoms which Editor of Recorder fail to mentioned in a press without the Medical assistance given to Mr. Doraj Miah whatsoever.

Once again. Many thanks for your N.H.S. statement as mentioned, “Investigations found no MISTAKE were made”

In Holy Bible Quran stated ‘Apes and Monkey’ will eventually, intent to make believers [you] believe their trade of ‘LGBT’ way of life in community. But given warning to void such authorized officials of any kind those who try to for sake order of the appointed Lord Representatives.

According to Islamic documentary evidence no such ‘Voices’ ever can be identified by man-made method of any electronic devices but especially those who are victims of ‘voices’ hearers, (Sura: Al-Bakaraho: 2–6 & Matthew: 13: 13–24), given Instruction by Almighty those who are most sincere in the Community to leads us by or to follow the way ahead. Unfortunately, the society of ‘LGBT’ think the person gone crazy and mad need the treatment of medication. His word in society no longer any valid.

The Mental Health illness spoken words as follows:

The mental Illness that can affect the way you think, feel, speak, and behave, the symptoms of these illness include delusions, hallucinations, (for example hearing or seeing things which is not here), unusual suspiciousness and becoming withdrawn.

The worse Judgment Local Police statement ever made ‘Wrong place at wrong time’ which mean to myself, Instead of in Buckingham Palace with Queen of England, Elisabeth II, for SEX, Mr Doraj Miah was in wrong Place. I trust the readers will agree the Local Police Commissioner was correct, leaving the sexiest and beauty young lady, at the Buckingham Palace alone to commit in the street of Tower Hamlet.

Thanks the Local Police for your Judgment next time I am sure there is some Schizophrenia patients make no second mistake as Mr. Doraj Miah to entertain Sexual sinful pleasure at the Buckingham Palace instead of in public’s places. After reporting the patients health conditions in advance to the N.H.S. Authorized medical terms.

Due to the Authorities of States, N.H.S. Medical Board, negligence as mentioned in the press in Judgment, the member’s of public’s life in the hand of Schizophrenia patients.

According to the ‘Rampton maximum security hospital Judge, Giles Forrester said:

“There is no doubt you pose a grave and immediate danger to the community”

His official public’s statement proved us all the judge never being to ‘Springhill Language School’, City of Birmingham, West Midland, who became the states judge to decide the wrong and right against the offender Mr. Doraj Miah. After reported the States N.H.S. Medical officials.

The Judge him self never measured nor weighted the patients symptoms in scales he was suffering nor was Judge ever a Schizophrenia Sufferer to decide the Schizophrenia patients in needs.

The Judge never him self paid States Duty of Taxes, ‘The States Fresh Green Salad’ The Unknown States Press editor was indeed correct the Judge job known as “Jobswortward” instead of nominating the Judge name in the novel prize winner honour list.

I believe Mr. Doraj Miah never was intend to act as a danger to the Society, but the Authority of the States, the N.H.S. Drive Mr. Doraj Miah him self and by his symptoms leads or force his to commit into crime he thought was tax and V.A.T. free “GAME OF FUN” as often Schizophrenia patients knowledge “Crime” regard as “FUN or Game” in the Community, when the patients lose hope in help and assistance he needs.

The only way to entertain his sinful desire he thought was fun as Tower Hamlet Council given us our Right to marry any ones as follows:

‘A man can marry, another man, and woman can marry, another woman”.

There is no offense in the eyes of the Public’s nor in the eyes of the British Justice. Am I correct ‘Rampton maximum security hospital Judge, Giles Forrester?

When Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), given no right of Abode in his beloved Father in the Kingdom. Who is second to non- of All Judge or Magistrates to give such Individuals ‘Right of Abode’?’ The British Secretary of States?

Under the ‘Human Rights’ ‘LGBT’ policy we members of public’s cannot afford to destroy our future children’s, environment and community in any society we ever belong to?

If it’s is Mr Doraj Miah in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), was “HERO” from zero by committing an offense that Rampton Maximum Security Hospital Judge Thought was DANGEROUS to the communities. Have you ever read the official LAW book called “HOLY BIBLE” your, [John: 16: 5–17], honour to Judge Mr. Doraj Miah commitment of crime he ever committed after reported to the N.H.S?

You are the Judge most wanted by not in the name of Revelation in Islam nor in Christianity but in the eyes of the British medical tablet ‘Seroxat’ information Instruction under the Mental Health Act.

You are the Judge are dangerous to the society and in our Community who never given order to the States Authority of States officials for under the Tablet “SEROXAT” to be taken “RITUAL” Five Time a Day. By Authority of States. Yourself and N.H.S. Should be the sentence to imprisonment to Jail. Without, compromise.
Young Student Killed In Sylhet.

Young ‘Schizophrenia’ Student Killed In Sylhet. As in Guernsey taken attempt? By British Government, Home Office, London. By Islamic Holy Man (REF: CICAP: 05/228817).

In Sylhet District, Bangladesh Hand of medical board in hospital similar patient’s eighteen years old-young lady on December 2010 was died. [] news report. The authority of the States takes the Schizophrenia very lightly.

You are the most unfortunate Judge or the Magistrates of all never hear, the ‘Voices’ from the Lord to carry out his Order in our Community. Those who hear the ‘Voices’ are prosecuted by Medical professional or by Court of Justice as example Mr. Doraj Miah. You are claiming most civilized and most trustworthy individuals on earth never taste of “States Fresh Green Salad” or the tablet “SEROXAT” to be taken five Time a day.

The “SALAD” is not only for Vegetarian nor for the Muslims. But also those British Education States Secretary of States claim ‘Apes and Monkey’ became Human being, the States national favorites “States Fresh Green Salad” are good for the Health and environmental we lives in regardless of by cast, origin, religious, nationalities are around the world.

In the eyes of the Forest Minister(s), you are not even who you claim to neither be ‘Apes and Monkey’ nor in the eyes of the medical board those who prescribed tablets ‘Seroxat’. If you are ever in doubt, ask the nearest States nation Zoo keepers. No wonder our multicultural society today in tears families apart. Sake of Magistrates and or the Judge in our society. Whose decision depend entire human being life.

The congestion Charging per day £8.00. Around those who travel in the heart of London Unfortunately, in the name of Lord “HE-SA-RU-HU-LUL-LA-HE”–(R.A),-[Jesus Christ] in the Land of Almighty Lord Congestion Charging is a Life sentences to death. There is no second question regardless of university or Master Degree ever held by.
Islam When there is no answers for?

Islam When there is no answers for? U.S.A. None-Muslims, Novel Prize Winner, Dr. Carol Said “When symptoms out of hand there is tablet ‘Allah’ to be prescribed 5 Times a Days’. N.H.S. never agree with?

Those who refused to pay the States V.A.T. and Taxes. Five Times a days, (Worship/Namaj/ Ritual/ Salat), to be Taken without Alcohol drinks. In the Kingdom of Almighty Lord.

Under the Schizophrenia symptoms most medical doctors prescribed tablets “SEROXAT” to be taken, without alcohol drinks, and mentioned “Ritual” in the Oxford dictionary mean “WORSHIP”

What is mean by worship to legalize ‘LGBT’ in the Kingdom of Almighty Lord? Or to throw the eyes or body in the Atlantic oceans, “Neel Dariar Prem” as Prophet Ibrahim was by mistakenly, thrown in the Sea by Government official in the age of ignorance in Christianity and in Islam, those who committed crime against humanity under the Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), Law.

You are the Judge under your Judgment Mr. Doraj Miah under the maximum security unit Hospital for what Crime your honour?

That N.H.S. never agrees to the Schizophrenia patients they ever made officially mistakes by refusing to honour the patient’s Mr Doraj Miah request. Nor Judge ever prosecuted N.H.S. for
negligence of their duty to lead crime in our Community.
Police Report ‘Black Magic’ In Guernsey.

Police Report ‘Black Magic’ In Guernsey. But taken “NO” notice for…

Indeed as Mr. Doraj Miah mentioned ‘Voices’ and accused of Authority of States using “Assassination Mental Device” against him which is correct according to the Islamic Documentation.

The Authority of the States in secretly, use power of spiritual forces by unknown power to gain their control under the misguiding Revelation in Culture. Which was I trust, beyond Mr. Doraj Miah power to control against his will to commit a crime in our society in Tower Hamlet.

May Almighty Lord bless the soul of Victim Hazel Prager, rest in peace her precious life taken away from not only loved one but from the Community? A lesson to be learned by the Authority of States in the near future, such N.H.S. Medical Professionals under any circumstances, never make mistake by refusing the Schizophrenia patients what ever reasons Mr Doraj Miah was at the point of Medical hand for?

May Authority of the States officials seek refuge in the name of British medical tablet ‘Seroxat’ and their own Lord “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”–(R.A), and govern within the mean of appointed Lord and medical ‘Seroxat’ tablets instructions to live in love and peace in our community.

The Foreign Medical Board Doctorates Doctors fine no cause for the symptoms of ‘Schizophrenia’ cry for an answer in the States hospital alone. They never looked into the term of ‘Holy Bible’ to leads us all within the appointed Lord as mentioned but proud of them self N.H.S. Government wages.

They fail to count how many green grasses under their own feet they claim to know the symptoms individuals suffering from? My Lord Am I not an crazy and or mad to believe in his or her medical word who fail to writes his own name inside the watermelon, as nation seen Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), Father Name ‘Allah’ written inside without known seeds or inks.

When will the Government demand and request to those who claim to know more than Lord Jesus Christ, Father to practice and write their own name as inside watermelon? To describe us the symptoms of Schizophrenia physically those who suffer in this cruel world of lust?

According to City of Birmingham, West Midland Police Authority, fears of coming to the Heart of London for congestion Charging, Having Freedom passes London Travelers was prosecuted by ten pounds in fine when the buses drivers say to the passenger you can go free. The Police authority finally said it a punished for you to remember for you are from London council charging for sight-seeing City of London.

Under the symptom schizophrenia under the condition ‘Voice’ mention most often members of Schizophrenia patients will eventually, suffer under the misjudgment of the States officials in “INJUSTICE AND POWER”. Hand of authority of States officials.

Abdul Haye Amin is the author of new book of poetry in language English second collection of ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ published by Xlibris Corporation. First Collection of Bangla poetry ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ published by Bonsai Prokashon, Raza Mansion, Zinda Bazar, Sylhet District, Bangladesh. Who has contributed articles to a wide variety of publications in various subjects literature in Bangla and in English world wide Internets portals websites news and many articles featured on Bing Internet news. The Islands Historia De Amor poetry inspired by Romantic, love, religion, culture, historic, politics, and in many subjects readers will find in spare times enjoyable to spend times?

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