Dental Care & Oral Hygiene : How to Correctly Floss Your Teeth

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    • avatar Dug K Nate 2

      very hard to get to your back of your teeth.

      • avatar Eli winx 1

        and my gums bleed because of this

        • avatar Eli winx 1

          but it hurts to push

          • avatar EcscsLevi WARRIOR 2

            shes hot

            • avatar Adrian Rendon 1

              Dental assistant? Forget it. Better off figuring it out myself

              • avatar Orthodontist Arlington 1

                that's the correct way to floss your teeth…nice video..thanks for sharing..

                • avatar terry7893 2

                  I brush my teeth first, THEN floss. Otherwise I'm smearing around a lot more food.

                  • avatar OrthodontistHenderson 2

                    nice and very informative video, Michelle. cheers! 

                    • avatar OrthodontistSpokane 2

                      must watch to know how to correctly floss.. this is important!:)

                      • avatar BYEBYE 1

                        are you me?

                        • avatar Twisted86 1

                          Because like me you suck at flossing :)

                          • avatar Matt Forster 1

                            Haha nearly 3am here and I was thinking the same.
                            Not sure how you're meant to be able to get your whole hand in your mouth to do the back teeth when your jaw isn't the size shown in the video.. haha

                            • avatar mualup 1