Developing your Emotional Intelligence

Developing your Emotional Intelligence
Event on 2017-09-22 08:30:00
Emotional Intelligence (EI) abilities have been shown to be a vital component of individual and organizational success. In our emotional intelligence series, you’ll discover the importance of maximizing your EI in order to improve your ability to reach your potential. Plus, you'll discover a number of simple, easy-to-use tools for increasing your EI with only a few minutes of practice each day. Developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors are keys to a successful work environment.  How you Will Benefit: Provide an in depth look at EI, the value of enhancing this skill for personal and organizational  performance Obtain an accurate assessment of your current emotional intelligence using the EISAP 2.0 Learn how to monitor and manage your emotions and behaviors, those of your coworker and others. Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, behavior, goals, decision–making, and work/personal relationships. Create a personal development plan for continuous improvement of your EI  A combination of classroom training and exercises will ensure that you will not just pick up skills; you will also practice what you have learned; to start turning skills into competencies. This valuable seminar delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills and insight to apply in making your job and career more effective, satisfying and successful. Seminar Leaders:  Hank Clemons, PhD – Founder and CEO of the Society of Emotional Intelligence   Training Partner of MHS (Multi Health Systems); Experienced Consultant, Trainer and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach; Author, speaker and radio show host on Let’s Talk EI. Monica Tanner, MS – Training and Development Consultant, Certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0 & 360).  Executive leader with expertise in identifying development needs, designing, creating and delivering solutions across organizations at every level.

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