Developmental Disabilities Nurse Exam

Developmental disabilities nurses are also called Intellectual nurses or Special need nurses. These nurses care for patients suffering from a number of intellectual and developmental disabilities like mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorder and many syndromes. A Developmental Disabilities Nurse should be caring and sympathetic by nature. They are serving people who are out of the world, so they have to remain calm and cool during their work. Developmental Disabilities Nurse receives special training to handle patients who have chronic or permanent physical or mental disability.

Becoming a Developmental Disabilities Nurse

Nursing is a profession which has attracted people from decades; as this is the only profession which gives an inner satisfaction that we have really helped someone. So, if you are planning to become a Developmental Disabilities Nurse than this can be a great step towards humanity, as you are helping people who really need your help. The most important requirement for working as a Developmental Disabilities Nurse is becoming a Registered nurse. One can become a Registered nurse in three different ways as either by a diploma, Associate of Science Degree or Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing. After completing these degree programs, one has to qualify National Council Licensure Examination to achieve a license for legally practicing as a Developmental Disabilities Nurse in United States. NCLEX-RN Exam is conducted by National State Board of Nursing to ensure public protection. Passing the NCLEX exam is the final hurdle in starting a career as a Developmental Disabilities Nurse.

Duties of a Developmental Disabilities Nurse:

Developmental Disabilities Nurse plays a vital role in any health care setting. Their duties are not limited to basic care taking tasks of patients like bathing or dressing but they also perform an important part of enabling patients to live an active, fulfilling and independent life. Some of the main duties of a Developmental Disabilities Nurse include:

* Serving patients with physical, mental or behavioral abnormalities.
* Serving patients of all ages
* Assisting with feeding and helping in bodily functions.
* Giving moral support to patients and encouraging them to be independently mobile.
* Giving a complete knowledge to patient and family members about the Intellectual disabilities.
* Assisting the patient with language and Help in improving his communication skills also.

A Developmental Disabilities Nurse can work in a variety of clinical settings as Hospitals, schools, worksites, primary care centers. A Developmental Disabilities Nurse works alongside physicians and assist their patients during different stages of surgery. These nurse work in a varied settings from hospital to home and are specialized in a variety of disciplines.

A career as a Developmental Disability Nurse is financially rewarding as they get a good annual salary. In addition to this they get health benefits too. The health care sector is supposed to be the most evolving sector in terms of occupation. Job prospects are expected to be excellent in this field. So if you are planning to become a nurse than a Developmental Disabilities Nurse can be the best option.

Hi All ! My name is Keeley Peterson and I have served as a Medical Assistant for quite a long years. I have absolutely loved the health care genre, and have decided to extend my love for the medical field by sharing my medical training experience & Developmental Disabilities Nurse with all who wish to join this noble cause of serving the ailimg humans.

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