Digital doctor: AI singles out skin cancer from photos

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    • avatar Ayesha D'cruz 2

      Skin cancer kitne age ki girls ko ho skta hai……???

      • avatar Weselyn Holbrooke 1

        This doesn't seem to provide any value.

        • avatar Eki Ko 1

          cool~ so what is the difference between harmless / potentially harmful skin?

          • avatar himamis18 2

            This guy is so full of himself, can hardly hide his smile while talking. Neural networks are not a big deal, one just needs the right architecture and a big enough dataset..

            • avatar Mikael Falk 1

              When is the app coming?

              • avatar Irun Mon 1

                is the app free? or at least free trial

                • avatar james Fra 1

                  I have one… on my face -_-

                  • avatar Happyfeetr rawfds 0

                    wouldn't exactly call artifical neural networks 'algorithms'. To me that would imply we have an exact understanding of the logic of how we get a result. Neural networks are, however, mostly a black box in this regard.

                    • avatar Dylan T 2

                      I dont care if that harry raspberry is not cancerous, its got to go.

                      • avatar Calvin Smith 1

                        This is great news and could cut medical costs significantly. I look forward to primary care doctors becoming irrelevant.

                        • avatar Teaski Rolln 2

                          pale humans are devolved