Disability tax benefit is a right that should be claimed by the right claimant

This is to help those disabled people to cope with their disability and treatment with considerably less liabilities of taxes. To be able to claim disability tax benefit, it is necessary to have a disability that is enlisted and to have a medical proof as to when and how the disability occurred and also the extent of the disability because of which there is hindrance in the normal day to day activity of the person.

Disability tax benefit can be claimed not only by the individual who suffers the physical or mental disability but also by the member of the family on whom the disabled person depends. Thus child disability tax credit can be claimed by the child’s parents or guardians if the child is suffering physical or mental disability as described by the law. When a child suffers from a congenital disease such as Autism or illness that makes it impossible for the child to lead a normal life or grow in a normal way or even if the disability is due to an accident that has caused irreparable damage to his physical body or mental health and which may or may not be cured by prolonged medical treatment, the child can be certified as disabled by his medical consultant and the child’s parents or guardians can claim for child disability tax credit against their tax returns. Many people are not aware of these benefits that are offered by the CRA or Canadian Revenue Agency and hence lose out on a large amount of money that is legally theirs and which they can get by way of reduction in the tax liability that they have or by way of refunds or also waivers in the loans that they might have taken from CRA. It is important to understand that this disability tax benefit given by the Government is a legitimate refund or credit that the disabled person or those looking after such disabled persons have a right to get and hence should be claimed by their rightful claimants. However, the process of making the claim is long and cumbersome and may require help from a person or agency that is well versed in the process. Such as person or company will be able to make the applications, other documents, certificates and affidavits in the correct manner as required by the law so that the rightful compensation can be got by the claimant.

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