Disability tax benefit is the State’s way of showing that it cares!

Physical disability can include lack of complete control over any faculty such as speech, hearing, touch, mobility, taste, sight etc. Mental disability can include loss of memory, reduction in mental abilities such as logic, recognition, decrease in reflexes etc.

If a person suffers from any one or more than one disability that is caused by birth or by accident such a person gets certain benefits from the government to enable the person and his family members to cope with the circumstances and also provide the person with special medical care if so required. The disability has to be proved in the court of law by means of certificates provided by certified medical professionals. The cause and the extent of the disability and the extra expenses for medical and other care are considered before disability tax benefit is given to the disabled person or to his family members on whom the disabled person is dependent.

If a child is disabled at birth or due to disease or accident is also considered positively to grant child disability tax credit to the parents or guardian under who is taking care of the disabled child. This special concession of child disability tax credit given to parents or guardians of a disabled child goes a long way in helping the parents or guardians to cope with the everyday challenges that they face as they take care of a disabled child. Although it is true that money cannot replace or compensate for the loss that is experienced by the parents of such children and the children themselves, money can make it possible for parents to provide that expensive medicine or prosthesis or medical equipment that can make life a little more comfortable for them and the suffering child.

Disability tax benefit that adults receive for themselves or which is received by family care givers of the disabled person has been shown to have a very positive impact on the quality of care given to the disabled person. Also, the amount of disability tax benefit that care givers get might not cover the actual expenses that are accrued while taking care of a disabled person. Yet, whatever amount of money the government grants as tax benefit contributes in ensuring that the disabled are well looked after in our civilized society.

The most important thing about disability tax benefit or child disability tax credit is that many are not aware that the government gives such benefits and even if they do know that such a facility exists they do not know how they can avail this benefit. There are now lawyers and law firms that can help in creating awareness as well as facilitating in the process by which one can get this benefit for themselves and their loved ones who are eligible for it.

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