1. CrowPowersActivate CrowPowersActivate

    Discrimination is wrong, but comparing black people fitting into a corporate image to fat people makes no sense. Black people didn't turn black from lack of discipline. People won't employ fat people because they most likely do not possess the skills necessary for the job. Discipline, self-control and being able to choose the best option is important in a workplace, and fat people are simply lacking all of that.

    Bob did really well though. Respect to him.

  2. Sherry Kunkle Sherry Kunkle

    she looks like an ovary body type

  3. Sherry Kunkle Sherry Kunkle

    Btw I am 57 mom of 4 and grandma of 7 not about living for ever but living healthy not in pain until my time !

  4. Sherry Kunkle Sherry Kunkle

    It is not about the fast , instant bam here — its work and they know it too !! A lot of hard work

  5. Luck M Luck M

    Losing weight is one thing. Maintaining it is quite another.

  6. pennmaster pennmaster

    Some fat women are hot.  Some are naturally bigger and are designed to hold more bodyfat but the human body is designed for a certain amount of physical activity and also a certain nutrition profile, which for all of human history has been met through the basic nature of life up until the last 50 or so years.  Then life became more sedentary and food more mass produced and processed due to exploding population.  This has created new types of humans called fat people, but more importantly, sedentary and unhealthy people. 

    There are two types of disease, acute and holistic.  We have medicines to fight acute disease like never before, but holistic disease, dis-ease of the body and mind that retards our quality of life and chips away at our life span long term has become widespread. 

    Anyway, so some fat women are hot, but in general it wouldn't feel as good to fuck one with a normal sized penis due to extra body mass surrounding the opening.  Also, fat pussies seem to be looser, though this may just be mental.  I've never had sex with a very fat woman but I have observed video footage of such events and it looks more difficult.  They seem to be good at head though, just in general.  Some have nice soft pretty faces you don't find on most girls.

  7. Jimmy Hepburn Jimmy Hepburn

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  8. cyuiyu wyguiyui cyuiyu wyguiyui

    Just take your fat ass out on the street and run until you are completely covered in sweat.Thats called training..

  9. HoneyB SweetNectar HoneyB SweetNectar

    3500 cal = one pound, no one needs to exceed that per day that's way too much

  10. tradeeagle tradeeagle

    heartbreaking–wish all folks burdened this way well. hesitate to give advice but Joel Fuhrman and his approach have helped several desperate friends.

  11. RageQuit RageQuit

    If weightloss products worked we wouldnt have any obese people. Cut out sugar and processed foods, eat a whole food plant based diet. Problem solved.

    On a sidenote: I really cheer for people that are willing to make a change and push through it. I was a fat kid and I know it's hard as fk to get started, and humiliate yourself in the gym, and eat food I absolutely despised and all. But it's worth it, and results will follow.

  12. Brenda Lea Stone Brenda Lea Stone

    Sugar destroys, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.ascorbic acids, selenium.

  13. Altaris01 Altaris01

    I wonder if this ppl know that cooking a healty food is faster than an unhealty one and you will feel better and have more energy. Being fat is a choice you make!!!


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