1. lena bosnjak lena bosnjak

    Love that I'm Croatian so didn't need to read the subtitles lol

  2. Lillieana G Lillieana G

    What language?

  3. Acme Electronics Acme Electronics

    Wow I read a book called Hidradenitis Suppurativa all I have left is my story, written by Brian Eoin. Great book about a mystery illness.

  4. MsKerryanne MsKerryanne

    I couldn't watch it as the accent got on my nerves..

  5. shellmc12 1234 shellmc12 1234

    nevio u r just adorable xxx

  6. ShOBi Butt ShOBi Butt

    the way they speaks its irritating for me 😀
    I don't like this langugge
    no offense people 🙂

  7. Sara Savage Sara Savage

    nisam ocekivala da bude bas na Hr😂

  8. Brendan Kloos Brendan Kloos

    This needs to be translated to English.

  9. GuerinGrad09 GuerinGrad09

    These ppl need to wake up. No one with type I diabetes (they said it was a pediatric rehab center so that means children, who mostly have type 1 diabetes, not type 2) should have to live anywhere but in regular society. Parts of Europe especially Russia don't understand that we aren't handicapped. Type I diabetics, along with many other diseases, are invisible among the normal population among societies in most 1st world countries because we take our illness, learn to live with it and don't let us stop it from being a normal person. Sure there things we have to do to take care of ourselves that people without diseases don't have to do, but other than that we literally lead a normal life.


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