Does the age of a person influence his/her Social Security Disability Claim?

Annually over 2.5 million Social Security Disability Applications are filed with SSA. Of such applications, just 30% are granted at the preliminary phase of the application method. The outstanding 70 % have to petition the decision of SSA to disallow Social Security Disability Benefits or relinquish any expectation of being given benefits.

A lot of people doubt why applications are commended/ denied and whether / not age plays a role the decision of SSA regarding if/ not they will reward benefits. Those having considered applying for Social Security Disability and wondering how their age will have an effect on their disability claim, the subsequent information will aid you in understanding what part your age plays in your capability of meeting the criteria for disability benefits.

Social Security Disability and age

Age has never been a deciding factor as far as disability applications are concerned, but on lots of occasions it is a factor in the decision of SSA on if/not to grant disability benefits. This is as the medicinal and vocational principles that have been laid down by the SSA.

In the event of the SSA office reviewing a disability application, definite medicinal and vocational principles have to be followed when settling on if/not to grant a claim. There are principles laid down that relate to the age of an individual though that does not imply your age will mechanically prohibit you from getting disability benefits.

During the assessment of your Social Security Disability Forms by SSA, they have got to determine if/not you are capable of taking part in paid employment. Even in the event of you having disability that avoids you from carrying out your common job responsibilities, your age could be a factor in determining if/not you are capable of performing added sorts of work.

As an instance, suppose you do not have any experience apart from construction work. If you are suffering from a back injury and are incapable of performing your normal occupation you possibly be interested in applying for disability benefits. Even in the event of your condition falling under the Impairment Listings of SSA, this does not imply you will mechanically be eligible for benefits. Your age could also be a factor in this decision.

The lack of an entire form for reviewing ahead of really filing is a downside of the online Social Security Disability Application system. Know more information at

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