Donald Trump Talks with The View on Women’s Issues, Immigration, Carly Fiorina


Donald Trump Talks with The View on Women's Issues, Immigration, Carly Fiorina

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  1. Lel Uchiha Lel Uchiha

    Back when they were still friends….Now they all despise him

  2. Wolter Wyshen Wolter Wyshen

    he referenced Hello Dolly!

  3. whatsthebuzz2day whatsthebuzz2day

    Trump is proving already and will continue to be the best thing to happen for this country! Get over it Lefty's… He WON and IS your President and you should be thankful for that fact!

  4. whatsthebuzz2day whatsthebuzz2day

    This program "The View" is Pathetic

  5. The LLC The LLC

    This is the most bias thing I've ever seen. They just laugh and make stupid points, hypocrisy at it's finest.

  6. Slick Digger Slick Digger

    He literally said all illegal immigration is a problem, no matter where it is from, and they still make fun of him and try to imply he means not everyone. What a joke.

  7. mycorona66 mycorona66

    why does whoopi the idiot have an problem with trump when he says immigrants need to follow a legal process to be a US citizen? i'll answer my own question….she's an idiot beyond measurement……

  8. John Smith John Smith

    Who's the fat one?

  9. Matthew Smith Matthew Smith

    Is this what privileged women do all day…..just around, complaining about men, how much they hate men, and complaining about a fake wage gap while they get paid millions of dollars a week….PATHETIC.

  10. Jayson J Jayson J

    How did these women get on tv?

  11. Artsartisan Artsartisan

    The first documented item of weight in regards to Congress on the 14th amendment  (1) The Citizenship Clause was proposed by Senator Jacob M. Howard of Michigan on May 30, 1866, as an amendment to the joint resolution from the House of Representatives which had framed the initial draft of the proposed Fourteenth Amendment. The heated debate on
    the proposed new language in the Senate focused on whether Howard's proposed language would apply more broadly than the wording of the 1866 Civil Rights Act. Howard said that the clause "is simply declaratory of what I regard as the law of the land already, that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their
    jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States."

    He added that citizenship "will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons"

  12. Emily Parker Emily Parker

    You poor deceived Hillary supporters. I want to be the 1ST to tell you, Donald J TRUMP is your NEXT PRESIDENT OF USA…REJOICE! America is going to be GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL PREVAIL!
    THE ESTABLISHMENT are VERY afraid TRUMP is going to win! Rejoice in the Lord GOD! God is in the White House through TRUMP & PENCE along with our SOON PICKED UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT JUSTICE! GOD calls Donald…President TRUMP! Rejoice!!! LOL

    Donald J Trump is going to be a dedicated Christian along with Pence who is a dedicate Christian when they are in the White House! God said to me TRUMP is the Next President of the United States Of America.

  13. Jordan Long Jordan Long

    I love how Trump opens himself up by going on tons of liberal shows while Hilary would die before she would go on a conservative show like The Factor.


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