Don’t Be Handicapped By Not Researching Disability Equipment

Buying Disability Equipment, how do you know if you are getting the best equipment, are there steps you should follow in order to get the equipment to suit your needs? Or how do you find out this information?

Disability equipment is not only used by people who are hindered by disability, the equipment might well be used in the main by a carer who looks after the person concerned, this is most likely the case with products such as hoists which help to move people from beds, chairs, baths or toilets.

One of the best places to obtain information about various disability, products and services has got to be the internet; the internet is an informative tool which can be used by anyone wishing to find out about, evaluate or purchase equipment.

Healthcare specialists can also help to provide this kind of information too, Mobility shops are another resource which can guide you in the right direction, but researching disability for yourself may well provide you with the best insight as to what your condition requires.

Again the internet in itself can provide the widest spectrum of guides and informative material, many sites will have been devised by healthcare professionals which can be extremely helpful, many manufacturers sites will be beneficial when looking for specific products and guides of how to use the equipment, (it is good to bear in mind at this stage that not everyone is built the same and therefore knowing whether some disability equipment has weight restrictions is important). The only problem with manufacturer’s websites is that they will be bias towards their own products. In some cases they will have the best products available, however in most cases Disability equipment is a competitive market and there will always be something out there that matches or improves upon their given equipment.

However, one place which is sure to provide you with fantastic information and hands on approach is a disability shop. If you have a shop locally which provides this service it is well worth taking a look. The staff will be able to impartially advise you about products, they will perhaps be able to demonstrate specific equipment and provide you with other customer feedback. If you are looking to find out about mobility equipment then these are the places to go. It is far more beneficial to be able to try out or sit on equipment to get a feel for it, making sure it is comfortable and will do everything you require it to.

Another issue with equipment designed to help the disabled is the cost; as much as we may need some additional helpful items, sometimes buying brand new can be too expensive, the internet can direct you to disability equipment which is reduced in price, second hand or shops which provide leasing options.

Healthcare professionals such as carers have to use disability equipment on a daily occurrence, fortunately for them they will be provided with all training on the job to ensure both their own and their patient’s safety, for someone buying these products to use in their own home it’s not quite so easy and therefore comprehensive instructions will be supplied.

There are organisations out there such as the disabled living foundation which can provide comprehensive factsheets regarding specific products, they can also put disabled people in contact with help groups, these help groups in turn can be beneficial for finding out first hand from other sufferers about products which recommended.

The aim of disability equipment is to improve quality of life, to make disability easier to live; researching products via any avenue can only improve upon this theory. Finding out as much information so that you the user can make the best informed decision has got to be a worthwhile investment.

Anna Stenning investigates how easy it is to find useful resources for information about Disability Equipment

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