Don’t be tempted…

Don’t be tempted…
Developmental Disabilities
…by that super discounted microwave for at Home Depot. No matter how good of a deal it seems or how little extra cash you have, just walk away from the display. Go back to where the other microwaves are and buy one for 0. Because if you DO buy it, two months later you will be awakened in the middle of the night by the glass door inexplicably shattering. It will be loud and cause a terrible mess to clean up. The good news is that you will be secretly happy, because now you can go buy a microwave that doesn’t suck so incredibly much that you get mad every time you make an oatmeal packet.

What a terrible purchase.

But…at least my apartment is intact. Also, I have health insurance. Maybe I don’t need to replace the damn thing after all.

UPDATE: As you can see from the fourth comment below, Stephanie from Home Depot customer service found this post and contacted me. I told her that I didn’t hold Home Depot responsible for my poor choice and that I will continue to shop there (it’s three blocks from my home and, more importantly, they are a major employer of people with developmental disabilities). Nevertheless, they are sending me a gift card for my trouble. What a rare and splendid example of proactive customer service. Way to go Home Depot!

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