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    My favourite channel on YouTube 😍😍

  2. Shamil Cathum Shamil Cathum

    I'm diagnosed with localized prostate cancer by MRI and my doctor insists for biopsy. I had one before but the result wasn't conclusive. I hated it. Any advice whether I should go with another biopsy is appreciated.


    Yes, as Dr. Oz says and  high PSA can be from a different things like  infection etc. You need to know, but carefully get a biopsy only if really necessary,  because it also has some nasty  risks . Many things to consider and get two  opinions form Doctors, a good urologist will listen  to your fears etc.  he then will present facts also but do your own homework. I sure will and not act to fast.

  4. Nicholas Giordano Nicholas Giordano

    I had prostate cancer 2 years ago I had the biopsy it cleared the Cancer so I thought well it's back my p.s.a. levels are at 4 I'm going to see a urologist tomorrow after that I will probably have to have the biopsy again…but this time around I'm going to start to eat healthy & stay on my diet I have to admit I was eating all the wrong foods & smoking too…I truly believe you are what you eat.

  5. Lance J. Danks Lance J. Danks

    This is a great example of an opinionated reality star. In my opinion if your PSA Raises substantially within a a short period of time, a prostate biopsy is in order. Not only will it determine if you have cancer by a Gleason score it will also give you peace of mine.
    Catch prostate cancer before it catches you.
    I know, I'm so far a prostate cancer survivor.


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