Event on 2017-09-03 16:00:00
Drink-n-Draw provides a regular space where artists can exercise their skills drawing the human figure. Artists benefit from working in an environment where they can explore their creativity and share ideas, so join us and get ready to be transformed and energized!  Chairs and stands provided. We have a few drawing horses and easels available on a first come, first serve basis.  Just beginning to draw or simply curious about what we are doing? Please drop in! We maintain a judgement free zone so everyone feels welcome no matter their background. The greatest thing about taking 2 or 3 hours out of your day to draw the human figure is the benefits it has on your stress level. Think of it as meditation. :) 1 session drop in - 1 Month Membership -  unlimited sessions.  3 Month Membership -  unlimited sessions One BIG Bonus of Drink N' Draw is the access to our shared mediums such as Prismacolor pastels, colored pencils, markers, charcoal, etc. Drop in and experiment! Schedule: Wednesday - (6:00-8:00, 15 minute short poses, 1:45 long pose)  Thursday - (6:00-8:00, 1 hour short poses, 1 hour long pose)  Sunday - (4:00-7:00, 3 hour long pose) Free beer provided by Yazoo Brewery!

at Channel To Channel
507A Hagan St
Nashville, United States



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