Easy Eye Exercise for Vision Improvement — Try it!

I’ve been trying out an eye exercise for vision improvement in my ongoing quest to find effective ways to correct my near-sightedness. It’s easy to do, and maybe, just maybe, I won’t need to consider lasik eye surgery after all. You can practice this at home, at work or at school.

This vision improvement exercise is affectionately called “Three Cups”. (Sounds like some magician’s trick doesn’t it?) There are three levels to it; I’ll just give you the Level 1 exercise here. What it does it improve the focus and coordination of your eyes.

You’ll need a diagram of the cups to do this. I’ll give you the link to go to the site with the image in a minute. These are the steps:

1. Find a pen or pencil.

2. Sit in your chair, relaxed of course, so you’re 12 to 24 inches from your computer screen at eye level. Don’t stare hard the image (of the cups), just be able to make them out.

3. Hold up the pen upright between the two circles (cups) about 1 inch from your screen. Make the tip of the pen the same level as the cups in the diagram.

4. Now, just relax your eyes on the top of the pen or pencil as you slowly move it towards your face. as you do this, you’ll start seeing three circles instead of two. Here’s the part to pay attention: when you see that the three circles are all the same size and shape, stop the pen.

5. Move your eyes’ focus away from the top of the pen to the center circle. If you don’t get it the first time, do it a few times. Some people may need a few days to practice. I had a little difficulty to make the center circle “stay” initially.

6. Once you can fix your focus on the center cup, move the pen away while trying to keep your focus. The center circle will become clearer and clearer as you become good at it.

7. Final step and the “magical” part: without your pen this time, look at the two circles and create the center circle as 3-dimensionally as possible.

To get the diagrams for Levels 1,2 and 3 for this exercise follow the link below.


Do these eye exercises work? Can they improve your vision so that you become less reliant or have no need for glasses anymore? Eye exercises have worked for many people to different degrees depending on each person’s situation. I think it’s definitely worth trying. Who doesn’t want to be rid of the dependence on glasses and contact lenses?

Louis Zhang is near-sighted and is researching Lasik and other ways to improve his vision. To receive eye-opening facts about your vision, get the free “You CAN Improve Your Vision Naturally” Mini-Course at Exercise for Vision Improvement

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