Easy Like Sunday Morning Yoga

Easy Like Sunday Morning Yoga
Event on 2017-08-13 10:30:00
This Class must have 20 people registered by August 7th to launch. Facilitated by Davi Brown and Anne Minter It's a summer weekend. The sun comes up and you think... I'd love to drink kombucha and do yoga with a bunch of Hive folks! So you make your way to Urban Artifact (next door to The Hive), enjoy a glass of probiotic packed icy-cold goodness, and stretch out on the floor of a 150 yr old sanctuary, with some fresh tunes from back in the day. Easy, right? Join us for this three-week experimental collaboration between the Hive and Urban Artifact Brewery. We need 20 folks to register to make it a go, so be sure and share the word.  This Asana class will be great for beginners as well as seasoned yoga practitioners. Davi Brown is a yoga teacher, real estate agent and investor. Since childhood her work and education has been inspired, largely, by spirituality/consciousness and finance (the stories and values we interact with socially and privately), and how they relate. She is a certified Breathworker/rebirther, Healing Touch practitioner, Ashtanga yoga teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher, and was a student/teacher at the School of Metaphysics for three years. Davi lives in Columbia Tusculum with her partner, Anne, and their dog Berkeley.  Anne Minter is Adjunct Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology at Miami University where she also teaches yoga and meditation, merging the best of the East/West medicinal teachings in the body-minds of hundreds of physician-nurse-clinicians in training.  

at The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action
1662 Blue Rock Street , #1a
Cincinnati, United States



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