EDR Home Defense Tactics (HDT) Sept 24, 2017

EDR Home Defense Tactics (HDT) Sept 24, 2017
Event on 2017-09-24 08:00:00
Every Day Ready is conducting a full day Home Defense Tactics  course. People spend about 70% of their lives in or around their homes; however very few invest the time and have the opportunity to train on the many aspects involved with fighting in a home or urban area. The Home Defense Tactics (HDT) course provides education, skills, and tactics for defense in and around your home.  Students will learn about typical modes of home attack, home security, cover & concealment, threat identification, single-person room clearing tactics, and training in realistic home defense scenarios.  This course includes live fire exercises along with an airsoft option for those that are not yet qualified to perform live fire exercises. The HDT course is designed to allow all skills levels of shooters to attend.  There are NO pre-requisites to attend this course. Course Length:  8 hours The cost is 5 per student.   Training Location 6702 Wildlife Trail Raleigh, NC 27613  Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/yb49D Please proceed SLOWLY down Wildlife Trail past Dead Broke Horse Farm, and look for the Every Day Ready sign on the left.  Drive through the gate and follow the gravel road all the way to the range site.  Park on the left between the parking signs.  Reminder: All firearms must remain secured or concealed until directed otherwise by EDR.  DO NOT handle or display any firearms until directed by EDR.  Eligibility to Attend   Each student will submit an EDR completed and signed waiver.   Each student must have successfully completed Defensive Handgun 1 or been verified by EDR instructors.  Must meet all Federal and State laws to possess and operate a handgun.   Student Required Items  All handguns should arrive unloaded and secured and should remain that way until instructed otherwise. An operational handgun. ***Rental handguns are available during checkout for 5. Each rental includes spare magazines, holster and a magazine carrier and 200 rounds of ammo for the class.  Rentals must use EDR provided ammo.*** Extra magazine(s) and magazine carrier if available. 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun.   9mm and .45ACP Ammo is available for purchase at market rates. A holster that fits your handgun   No cross draw or shoulder holsters are allowed for safety reasons. Eye and Ear (hearing) protection  Appropriate clothing *** The class is conducted entirely outdoors. Please dress appropriately! ***  Long Pants with a belt are recommended regardless of temperature Appropriate outdoor shoes A Hat is recommended Layered clothing to adjust for comfort Jacket based on time of year. Waterproof is recommended. Insect repellent according to time of year Lunch, snack and drinks If the student has any special needs or requirements, please inform the instructors prior to enrolling.  If the student does not have any of the required items, please let the instructors know immediately. For any questions on the class or these requirements, please contact the instructors prior to your class date.  Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Monty EdgePhone: 919.795.9208Edge@Every-Day-Ready.com or Contact@Every-Day-Ready.com Organizer Description Every Day Ready, LLC is a Raleigh based training organization providing exceptional training in firearms, self-protection, and emergency preparedness.  EDR is provides an array of high caliber training at all skill levels.  Our reputation for quality and customer service is unmatched.

at Every Day Ready Private Range
6702 Wildlife Trail
Raleigh, United States



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