1. Denise Cizek Denise Cizek

    Please I need help 8 yrs with this.

  2. Chuck Barchuk Chuck Barchuk

    Hey Art, love your videos bud. Gotta question: Do you need to pray for your daily bread if ministering healing to yourself?

  3. Mary Falcón Mary Falcón

    lo amo pastor

  4. Denise Cizek Denise Cizek

    I need help with my neck an back and rib cage ligaments muscles around stomach and neck

  5. Grace Beza Grace Beza

    Thank u for a very wonderful and life changing teaching.

  6. Terri Mitchell Terri Mitchell

    Speaking to this diagnosis of a brain tumor. I say "GO NOW" from me in JESUS name! Hallelujah!

  7. FoxyStealth FoxyStealth

    Can you talk about what Paul calls in 1 Corinthians "the Gift of healing?" In Corinthians it sounds like some ppl have it & others don't.
    What do you think about those verses?

  8. Joe Schmalzel Joe Schmalzel

    i so completely believe i Jesus and in you as u teach. i listen to so much of your teaching youtubes and study the Word. but when i pray for the finger joint i have that sticks and my eyes vision tobe healed from wearing glasses i dont receive nothing. i know im right with Jesus now more than ever before, i'llhave to keep believing ans asking, i'm not sure why i struggle. i so see that you are an anointed man of God. your teachings are are so powerful and down to earth??

  9. FoxyStealth FoxyStealth

    Awesome teaching!!!
    What do you think about in James 5:14 when it says if you are sick have the elders of the church pray over you?

  10. Noeline Ann Anthony Noeline Ann Anthony

    Please pray for my aunt. She's got lumps on her head.


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