Embodying Sexual Divinity ~ Couples ~ Canberra

Embodying Sexual Divinity ~ Couples ~ Canberra
Event on 2017-09-09 11:00:00
Its a pleasure to bring the sacred work of empowerment to you. For too long we are raised delineating our sexual life force from our spirit self. The practices crafted for this gathering aim to bring utmost respect, benevolence and sacredness.We will explore conscious relating via dance, tantric practices, presence and play.  Raise your erotic consciousness by learning lovemaking practices for the 7 chakras. Use tantric yoga principles to learn how to open and evoke your energy centresLearn to connect with your body and strip away old patterning around relating to yourself and to others. Feel the natural energy that awakens in you. Welcoming this for yourself. Allow it to be your guide as you share in your relating outside the circle.The gathering allows for exploration of yourself within a safe group space. Connecting with like hearted people. Receiving and giving conscious touch and having the space to inhabit more of our true nature as a woman, as a man. All that I ask is that you come with an open mind and heart, sacredness for the work and utmost respect.  There is nudity and semi-nudity involved and your compfrt level will be respected.  There are 11 couple spaces only. 11 for women and 11 for men. You can come with your commited partner or a practicing partner (to be arranged before the event). The teachings are deep and sacred and the held container of the offering asks for partners to know each other, with in an intimate setting or a practice partner setting.  What to expect from the day:~ explore yourself and your dynamic within group interaction ~giving and receiving conscious touch ~ the principles of Tantric Sex which is 'sex with awareness' ~ embody the 7 ways to make tantric love with the chakras ~ learn breathwork to create pleasurable sensations in your body ~ inhabit more of our true nature by welcoming our masculine and feminine polarities ~ tantric practices and pleasure play you can re create at home OTHER INFORMATION:The event is catered for with lunch and tea breaks. Organic, wholesome food with gluten dairy free options will be available.  WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ~Your first gift is in creating a safe space of trust to allow our humaness to be expressed. You offered a night where everyone was taken care of, able to delve deep in the practices to explore what was there. Simply beautiful - JudeYour grace, inteligence and application to the work is brilliant! - Mark 44yoIn all my years of group spaces, workshops and tantra events this night by far tops it. The deepening in practices taking me and my partner on a journey of the senses and our sensuality is a treasured gift - Mario and Rosa I felt safe, assured and the rest was a complete suprise at how comfortable I felt to deepen my connection. I have longed for this, and I have found a way to explore my truest self. - BiancaA NOTE FROM HELENI came into this world seeking to understand and experience the language of love in relating. When I entered the healing arts I found my language. I found a way to communicate with my essence, my spirit, my body and nature. I had a profound realisation when nudity was revealed to me (pardon the pun!) and it is from this space that I hold you in ceremony and honour. ~ Helen Zee

at Glebe Park cnr Akuna & Bunda Sts
Akuna Street
Canberra, Australia



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