Emergency! – My Ring Is Stuck

Active people or people who have physically stressful jobs should remove jewelry during these activities. Many people have been seriously injured and had to have the jewelry cut from them to provide medical care.

Rings can be a very dicey situation if your finger is injured. The best thing to do is lubricate the area around the ring and remove it before the swelling starts. If already swelled try ice and elevation, then lubricate and try removing again. The next step is having a medical professional remove it with a saw.

You may have been told thet titanium rings are a bad choice because they can't be cut like a traditional ring. This is not the case at all. Hospitals have been removing titanium rings for years and with no more difficulty than other rings. Don't let this stop you from buying titanium rings.

I have been successful in cutting through all grades of titanium using a Dremel tool using a cut-off disc. For Safety Professionals, ring cutters can be purchased from emergency medical suppliers. If you are prepared with the right tool, proper action can be critical to the injury. Seek professional help as soon as possible.

Mens wedding bands and mens jewelry rings can be cut using standard jewelry ring cutters as well. These are available within the industry. A cut-off wheel easily penetrates titanium grade 6-4 quickly and easily. With any cutting process, sharpness and quality of cutting edge determines the quickness of the cut-off.

Never try to cut a ring off at home. Too many people have been severely injured doing this. Most injuries occur because the person attempts to use some sort of wire cutter and ends up with a trip to the hospital. Let professionals do this kind of work.

If you have been seeking mens jewelry rings don't be afraid to buy titanium. Titanium is a wonderful and trendy choice for rings of all kinds. Titanium is now the metal of choice for mens wedding bands and other jewelry. Don't let the myths scare you away from a stunningly strong and beautiful metal.


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