Emotional Aromatherapy Training

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    • avatar Steve Davis 0

      It's important to keep a balance between emotions and spiritual when working with new, comers, at all times cinnamon and clove is great including frankincense the I would like to try mixing then as chemistry of this can work in several ways in mind body and spirit, peaceful sleeps and valuable changes can develop in people who carry enormous amounts of anxiety, not allowing the energies, of track backs to control our path in life, this can be clear, ylang-ylang is one for mind and emotions balance as I experienced this inhaling, clearing negative blocks which we can get when dealing with customers in our every day scenes as you mentioned it's a shield against blocks on our auras from people in this world not the spirit world that create these barriers, such as people who hold grudges against our business or other scenes in our life, during sleep we will travel on higher spirit planes and if We, use, one shield or other, I trust my own work all the way and font need assistance from other people in my work, I look forward to doing my university online long term aromatherapy medicine in the coming years, you pleasant videos tell me it's fantastic both your self and other USA teachers and Kriquett howel t, I find very artistic pleasant people to really work with thank you Steve medium on 0874592316, I will be watching you in the coming days months and years hope I can which I don't see why not gain my on line aromatherapy qualifications Cert for level two degrees, thanks extremely for every one of these videos USA and London

      • avatar catrina valerio 1

        wow, this really helped me understand better how oils work emotionally. For me the oils are strictly emotional. Thanx so much

        • avatar Jackie Weese 1

          I have been this dog. I am now presenting the oils, then taking a deep breath and watching for the persons reaction so I can tell is less is more!

          • avatar Lorry Buehler 1

            Thank You 🍃🌿🌹🌿🍃

            • avatar Jraymiami 0

              Laura Jacobs is amazing!!!! Thank you 👃🏻☺️

              • avatar Leticia Morales 0

                Love the information !! Excelent training!!!

                • avatar Steve Davis 1

                  Eating habits need to be avoided to stretch energies, I have great diet this is found in sugar it destroys human brains and destroys the digestive system and bowels causes illnesses like diverticulitis, and Diabetes chrome disease, and pancreatic disease, All these lead to cancer, including Parkinson disease,, thank you for discussing this lecture, The energy of good food at the optimum level is, important, I discovered by smelling the oils it creates positive energy definitely, I recommend essential oils, orange and eucalyptus is good to inhale on cold virus it improves digestive system the bowels clears anxiety orange for depression, the eucalyptus good for throats chronic pain chest infections including arthritis, pepper mint is good on digestive systems, also lemon is very good added to clear in digestive blocks skin problems such as rashes infections, tea tree, great skin antibiotic native of Australia, I find very good my family friends and many have found very beneficial, thank you, I Will be listening and doing lecture YouTube each week on Monday evening at aromatherapy in London, UK my email is mystic George 9@gmail.com, my phone is 0874592316) Samsung) smartphone I 0874559830, or my land line 00353)62)54953)

                  • avatar Steve Davis 1

                    I use aromatherapy with reiki seen it in healing centres in the UK and private healers, this will definitely increase reiki, I once had a seven hour reiki session in later 1998,this was marvellous drinking Chinese Tea to purify my energy I was very very hot it's marvellous for Vortex healing in the north of UK, also using these oils makes reiki more powerful, the empowerment symbol three is fire cho ko ray, this is the power we turn on, the first symbol is the Violet white light which is Hon she za shone meaning the God in you meets the God in you, or the Buddha in you meets Buddha in me, I these symbols need to be turned out wards for sending healing and finally especially if doing a distance healing to switch off as the energy will effect the therapist in sleep being attached to the clients energy patterns, this will create a block, this is in reiki Theresa Collins Book, also the Reiki Bible new edition, thank you for listening medium Steve Davies psychic and Spiritualist for distance healing contact Steve Davies on 0874592316,or 00353=62)54953 evenings for anxiety depression, abuse cancer sleep loss, Vortex healing back and chronic pains between 7_10 pm

                    • avatar Steve Davis 1

                      I find Tosh the most extreme master peace London Jamaican girl very rewarding work you have most of all on line YouTube, also what your lecture discussions were on summer, 2016 this work you do is marvellous not just good if a competition in business come on healing your the winner and right on searching the earth being mother earth believe it or not I never ever forget what I learn Tosh, your more than just a star your an angel in a guardians Kingdom come off a very genuine professional back ground the way you answered Laura Waldermans questions I the early summer in 2016vety good, can you tell me if I can gain my cert degree with you on line, I read reiki books for decades seen the reiki in action it can definitely clear cancer, also I did my twenty one days cleansing in June two thousand and sixteen fasting and doing yoga and drinking six pints of water for purification degree in my first link degree with the monk and meditation, also seen the videos on cleansing negative energy, looked at astro projection, I experienced communication with my neighbour and cleared an anxiety through this challenge I saw and felt my spirit body during astro projection coming away from my body I know being a medium alone that during sleep when astro projection that our silver coil in our spirit body is still joined on to our brain for our spirit to go back to the body,, when I connect with dead spirit people in shadow form I see this coil out of body which tells me it's a person from the other world who is connecting, I saw my great auntie inn1993, after she had past away in 1992 a year later at the sea side in Southport in England as it happened, I experienced getting lost in Southport and left my nephew and sister at the beach and said God what will I do now, I then after asking people who didn't know the place followed this spirit shadow and found my sister in the beach car park and nephew in June 1993,and this lady worked in Southport in the early nineteen thirties, she said I early 1992look after your family for me hinting she was leaving the world in the early New year of 1992 year, and I remembered what she wanted but it seems she knew I got lost, she worked there and spoken about going back there in her recent years of life, this is my experience as a medium, also I can deal with my own future, medium psychic and Spiritualist Steve Davies medium mystic George, 9@g mail. com

                      • avatar Steve Davis 2

                        Hello layer I was watching your lecture before Christmas 2016 in London your all very pleasant people in London lectures, I'm English living in Ireland since 1999, I a m a medium gifted through my family generation read cards fifty two deck and also link the spirit world supported the Spiritualist churches in England in meditation greater Manchester at the time when a relation past away in 1992,aromatherapy works well with reiki, it charges up the energies for one body as a reiki therapist, we can do our own self healing along with meditation do our own psychic and spiritual counselling as healers we can Channel our own energy healing and mediums is basically a Channel for the spirit world to link in with and angels, I'm happier with that than going to other mediums, I have done meditation since the nineties and still do that and very satisfied with that, also did open circle meditation and supported people on spiritual matters, Steve Davies medium. Psychic and Spiritualist readings on Health wealth, Business, happiness on mystic George 9@gmail. com on Twelve pounds in UK) Twelve dollars USA pay by Visa to my PayPal mystic George 9@gmail.com for readings over the phone, or email readings by my fifty two deck cards including links to your spirit guides what messages they may have to share with you, or phone my 00353)62=54953)between Monday and Fridays 7_10pm evenings, thank you

                        • avatar Steve Davis 1

                          These oils for balance girls I need as it would be right frankincense and cinnamon oils for relaxation as my visions are correct but it will be right for us mediums girls and boys, I will value you first on my course on homeostasis, thank you I will be working with you in the coming days happy new year USA Steve Davies back tomorrow on YouTube for studies looking forward to a very extreme business with you guys in USA New York and Orlando my email is mystic George 9@gmail.com telephone 0874559830 or 00353)62)54953eveningsx7_10pm Monday to Fridays if you guys need me, also 0874592316 my Samsung

                          • avatar Diana Boedecker 1

                            Wow you're amazing. Such a bounty of information. I would love to someday be able to communicate with such clarity the pure magic I have found in my doterra oils. They speak to me through a higher consciousness that I find difficult to explain to most people. They truly are living breathing beings in my experience, and I love them. Thank you for your video.