Entrepreneurship for Artists MASTERMIND. 6FigureArtist Topic: How to 2-3x Your Sales Conversions

Entrepreneurship for Artists MASTERMIND. 6FigureArtist Topic: How to 2-3x Your Sales Conversions
Event on 2017-09-19 12:00:00
Chi Szeto, Jorge Contreras, and Ryan Gutteriez are excited to announce their Entrepreneurship for Artists Mastermind Group.  The three will guide you through exercises and philosophies in order to help you level up in life and in business.  Why this group was created: There are many business and life coaches out there but very few focus on helping Artists and Creatives. We are looking to inspire artists to not only Survive, but THRIVE doing what they love. As creative individuals we are passionate about what we do, but that passion does not neccessarily translate to financial success. Jorge, Ryan, and Chi have invested 20+ combined years and tens of thousands of dollars getting coaching in Personal Development and Business Development from some of the Worlds Greatest Mentors.There will also be opportunities to learn from our international network of guest speakers who have:-Lived their passion as their career full time and achieved 6 Figure Incomes-Been featured in Television, Movies, Theatre, and Print.-Been paid to travel the world Performing, Teaching, and Choreographing. Guest Speaker 9/19- Darren "DJ Fuji" Darren “DJ” Fuji is an internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker and confidence/dating coach. He’s been featured in popular media including the New York Times, VH1, Gothamist, ABC Nightline, and The Dr. Phil Show.   He will be sharing the Sales Techniques which he's used to build his multiple 6 figure business. Jorge, Chi, and Ryan, will also be sharing their best tips on maximing your sales and conversions.  Who We Are: Jorge Contreras is the founder of Que Rico Dance Company and co-founder of LA Bachata Festival - the largest Bachata Festival in the United States. Chi Szeto is the founder of iDanceAcademy in DTLA and produces instructional dance videos with over 33 million views on youtube.  Ryan "Gooteks" Gutierrez is an professional Video Game player, coach, commentator and an expert at streaming content online.  Together our goal is to teach you how to go to the next level in your business.-Mindset Training and Personal Development.-Time and Money Management.-Networking, Marketing, & Sales Techniques.This Workshop is For You If:- You're interested in learning how to build and grow a profitable business from your passion.- You who want to leverage your time and money through making wise financial decisions.- You want to network with, and learn from some of the world's most succesful artists.COST: FREE (Must RSVP on Eventbrite)Space limits us to 30 spots.  555 w 5th Street, 90013DIRECTIONS: (Come 30 mins early to park and find the space)Gas Tower Buildling is located diagonally across the street from Pershing Square Metro Center. FREE Street parking on the streets on Sundays in Los Angeles check OLIVE Street.  Paid parking is -20 depending on where you park. (Read all the signs to make sure you're parking in a legal spot). Enter the Gas Tower building and sign in with front desk mentioning you're going to Wework. Go up to 36th Floor in Room E.

at Gas Company LA GasCompany_LA
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