Exercise: 7 Steps To Cure I Don’t Feel Like It

You know you ought to exercise, but you just don't feel like it, and that feeling is so strong that you sidestep exercising today. You are doing this day after day, in spite of knowing that your body needs exercise and it is a problem.

Here are 7 steps to take now to cure that problem.

1)Get some rest. A huge percentage of the population runs with a sleep deficiency. Being tired definitely erodes your motivation to exercise, because you don't have the energy. Excessive fatigue has the physical effect of creating a pre-diabetic-like condition in which your body does not handle blood sugar effectively. Muscle cells need adequate blood sugar to have energy to exercise.

2) Cut back on the junk food. You don't have to give all of it up. Just cut back so your system is not so overloaded on fat and sugar. You will feel better and have more energy after a few days after you clean up your diet.

3) Breathe right. You need to have enough oxygen to have enough energy. Chronic shallow breathing robs your body of energy. Change that by breathing deeply into your abdomen without lifting your shoulders. Slow abdominal breathing is relaxing, if you are stressed. Rapid abdominal breathing is energizing.

4) One of the most important cures for "I don't feel like it" is to replace your negative self-talk with encouragement. Did you know that every time you say I don't feel like exercising that you increase that feeling? Stop affirming "I don't feel like it" right now.

5) Substitute positive statements that start sending you in the right direction, even though you don't feel like it. Think about what you would like to hear that would personally encourage you. Make your positive statements in the present tense, not the future. For example: Exercise makes me feel good, so I do feel like exercising.

6) Go light! When you don't feel like exercising, which everyone experiences at one time or another, permit yourself to exercise in a less strenuous way. Go for a walk. Put your favorite music on and dance around your living room slowly. Stretch and do just a few light strength-building exercises using exercise bands.

7) Reward yourself with a mental pat on the back and a "good job" compliment. It is amazing how many people never think to reward their own positive efforts. Correct that mistake right now. Rewards always help you keep doing what is good for your body.

Take charge of yourself now. Cure your lack of energy and lack of desire to exercise with these 7 easy steps.

Download a free guide to more energy for exercise at http://www.SmartWomenExercise.com. Lynn Kennedy-Baxter, RN MA. delights in helping people find more energy to exercise.


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