Exercise Bike Fitness The Better Method

Exercise bike fitness results from time on the machine and the effort you put into a workout. To lose weight and get fit with an exercise bike means more than just burning calories though. It’s not that simple but yet the chances of success are high. Here’s how it works.

Surprisingly enough, many sorts of exercise use up about the same number of calories. Whether you pedal a bike, jog, or perform aerobics, all burn about the same amount of calories. Of course the calories burned depends on the effort level, but many popular forms of exercise burn calories at roughly the same level.

That level is about 8 – 10 calories a minute. Your body weight also affects the energy used, but it is always in that range of about 8 to 10 calories for each minute of exercise. Consider that a pound of fat weighs in at about 3500 calories and you see the struggle to burn it off with just exercise.

Oh, if it were only as easy as just buying exercise equipment, slim people would be everywhere. But when you consider that vigorous pedaling of your bike burns about 10 calories in a minute, then it would take around 350 minutes of exercise bike riding to lose one pound. That’s nearly 6 hours of pedaling to lose one pound. Quite the sad tale…

But there’s actually good news on the fat burn front. See, losing weight and burning fat is much more complicated than just exercising to burn fat. The key to long term fat loss involves changing the way your body burns fat. Really it is possible to change you individual fat burning rate so you burn more fat than the typical person or at least more than YOU have typically burned.

It’s true that your body burns fat all the time, even at rest. Basal metabolism is the at-rest fat burning rate and that’s important. And that is where the secret to fat loss hides.

Regular exercise of the right sort makes it possible to lose more weight and burn more fat than those 8 – 10 calories a minute would suggest.

It’s a lot more than just calories burned that really matters. It’s in addition the level of muscle you carry, since muscle helps burn fat too. That’s why weight lifters tend to possess higher metabolism and weight training helps to burn fat. That’s even though the exercise itself wouldn’t seem to be a very efficient fat burner. It’s muscle building that encourages fat loss.

That’s why exercises like bike riding can lead to better fitness improvement than would seem possible. There’s the use of the big muscles and some muscle building going on that makes for better results.

It’s more than just calorie burning that goes with exercise bike fitness. There’s quite a lot more. Fat loss is more than just calories burned in exercise. Long-term the way to fitness is about increasing the rate of metabolism as well as just exercising to burn calories.

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