Exercise – The Helpful Aid after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgeons in Connecticut recommend their patients to adopt an active lifestyle after weight loss surgery because without turning to an active and healthy lifestyle, weight loss surgeries can produce no miracles. Physical activity is necessary and it is exactly as beneficial as harmful a sedentary lifestyle can be.

Why is exercise necessary?Exercise is among the conditions that help bariatric surgery result in optimal weight loss and it also helps maintaining that weight.Exercise helps maintain the long-term effects of the weight loss surgery.Exercise keeps the body (especially the heart, lungs, muscles, bones and joints) healthy.Exercise fights depression and helps people to well-being and good mood.Regular exercise

The key factor about exercise is regular practice. 10-15 minutes each day, is still far better than to exercise for 45 minutes one time a week. Regular exercise helps muscles and organs tone up and strengthen gradually and it is a good way to avoid joint injury due to exposure of unprepared muscles to over exercising.

Recommended type of exercise

Luckily, this is an area of life where likes and dislikes can manifest almost freely, exceptions being certain obesity co-morbidities that need careful consideration. Try to favor everything that is movement to everything that is sedentary. Take a walk if the store is in your neighborhood, park in the farthest spot of a parking place; take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator. Walk a dog, take dancing classes, try yoga, try Pilates, try Zumba, or ride a bicycle, jog, rope jump or play sports with your friends or family. When it comes to ways to exercise, virtually the sky is the limit. And the advice and expertise of your doctor – always seek professional advice before starting a new exercise routine.

Commitment and will-power

If you understand the importance of exercise and diet and you experience the dramatic weight loss that their combination with bariatric surgery causes, you will find it easy to commit to the lifestyle changes required. Improvement of will-power and power of commitment can be developed in time, by physical activity too.

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