Exercise: Why You Should Start Today

Most people would like to lose some weight and get in better shape, but many times people procrastinate starting a diet or an exercise program. In order to accomplish your goals for losing weight and getting in better shape, if you are struggling with making the first step, you must take action or else things will never change.

Today we will be discussing five reasons why you should take action and get started with a consistent exercise program. The reasons that we will look at will hopefully give you some encouragement and push you towards taking that difficult first step. After you take the first step to begin an exercise program, it will get easier from there.

1. Weight Loss

Many people start an exercise program in hopes of dropping some pounds or a few inches off the waist. Exercise and diet should be combined in any attempts to lose weight. If this is a motivation for you, getting started with the exercise program will get you moving towards your goals instead of moving further away from them with each pound you gain while you are not exercising.

2. Heart Health Improvements

If you are looking to improve the health of your work, cardiovascular exercise (such as jogging, using an elliptical machine or a stair machine) is a great choice. The common recommendation is to get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least 3 days each week in order to maintain your cardiovascular health.

3. Increase Strength

Another common motivation for people who exercise on a regular basis is strength gain. Generally, gaining strength and getting in better shape go hand-in-hand, but your workout routine should reflect your goals. Those who are focused on gaining strength rather than weight loss will usually spend more time lifting weights and doing other types of strength training, and less time with cardiovascular exercise.

4. Habit Development

Both exercising and eating a healthy diet are generally difficult to get started when they have not been habits of yours in the past. However, getting started is by far the most difficult part, and once it has become part of your routine it will become second nature, and something that you will probably even enjoy doing. Take that first step today. Get started with your exercise program and get moving towards building good, healthy habits into your life.

5. More Energy

Another benefit of exercise is that it raises your energy levels throughout the day. Although exercise can cause tiredness and fatigue, those who exercise on a regular basis generally have more energy throughout the day. If you struggle with being tired at work or having trouble focusing, starting a consistent exercise program may make a big difference for you.

Crystal Wells tracks the progress of her own weight loss at her blog, Diets That Work.

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