Exercises For Improving Your Vision

If you fear that you may be suffering an impairment to your vision, then it may be time to try some exercises for your eyes. Stress and tension can damage your eyes as well as your back, and just as there are methods to help your back, you can do a lot to help your eyes. Here's just one of the exercises you can perform to help your eyes.

A method for relaxing the eyes is known as palming, and it helps alleviate the strain the eyes can feel when you are mentally taxed and tense. Requiring roughly twenty minutes, though able to be performed for as long as it takes to grow relaxed, this is a simple exercise to do.

The first step is to create friction by rubbing the hands together, thus generating warmth. The next step is to place a palm over each eye, making certain not to make contact with the eyes or apply pressure to them. The eyes are not meant to feel any force or pressure, but merely the soothing warmth emanating from your hands. You may rest your elbows on a hard surface, on your legs, or whatever is convenient.

Let your eyes remain closed, while you let go of the stress that has built up. Slowly release the tension, beginning from the top of your head, and working your way down your body, allowing every part of your body to discharge all of that accumulated stress. As you enter a deeper state of relaxation, the blackness in your closed eyes becomes darker.

This means, that the color that you will see first may be a light gray, and as you allow yourself to relax more and more, the shade of this color will continue to deepen. Allow your attention to remain on this color, and you will see it become deeper and richer.

As the darkness increases, your body will slip into a much more relaxed state, and your entire body, including your eyes, will begin to recover from the day's strain.

After completing this process and upon opening your eyes, you are likely to realize noticeable gains in eyesight. You will see colors more vividly, shapes and edges will be sharper, and you will have clearer vision. Therefore, if you are able to allot a few minutes every day to these techniques, as time passes you may be able to set aside your eyeglasses forever.

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