Expansion and Foundational Deepening | Kundalini Yoga 4 Week Series

Expansion and Foundational Deepening | Kundalini Yoga 4 Week Series
Event on 2017-09-12 18:00:00
Expansion and Foundational Deepening | Kundalini Yoga | Pranayama | White Tantric Practices  At different levels, to deepen the journey we must build a stronger foundation, honouring but ruthlessly purging the past to gather a deeper experiential understanding of the subtle practices and move stronger not only in the physical realm but the mystical.  As we expand up we need to ground deeper, it is of balance always.  In the first Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric Experiential Series it was a relatively gentle and subtle introduction into the practices of Kundalini Yoga and daily White Tantric Practices, in this next series “ Expansion and Foundational Deepening “ we will honour the ability to go deeper in a sacred space.  The Asanas and Kriyas will be focused on deepening the journey, so they will be more challenging and focused to move past the mind when we again sit with the different tantric practice on the night.  This series is aligned for those interested in taking their practice from movement and into the realms of devotion, or to begin their yoga journey in a sacred way.  Time will be spent on the foundations though also balanced with deepening our time spent with tantric meditation techniques. Sacredness, devotion and surrender is a deep part of yoga, though these elements can be missed in the rush of the modern western mind set.  Focusing deeper on embodiment rather than information allowing the bodies memory to take over for your remembering of these ancient practices.  What we experience in these realms can be simply described as beautiful and magical, we heal parts of ourselves that we are aware of, we bring up pains that we didn’t even know where there, we become more vulnerable yet so deeply strong within ourselves.  Compassion overwhelms our nature, and love starts to emanate from our soul without effort. This gift for yourself and also for others.  Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness and through this practice it is said that you experience the soul and simply stated, Tantra is a spiritual practice, and a deeply personal practice at that. This series will be focused on Asanas (Postures), Kriyas (Actions), Pranayama (Breathe), Meditation and Concentration.  For a balanced practice is needed, using asanas to prepare the body, Kriyas to purge and clear the body, Pranayama to deepen awareness, meditation to relax the mind and body and concentration to prepare for self realisation.  For those unfamiliar with Daily White Tantric Practices they consist of: Deity Worship Trataka Meditation Yantra Meditation Sensory Exploration Soul gazing Mantra Included within the 4 week course there will be a 28 day honouring of our practice: after each class there will be a sequence of simple Asanas, Pranayama exercise, Kriya and a meditation technique for you to do on each morning or evening between the next weeks classes. This is an honouring, similar to a yoga challenge, it is offered for you to deepen into a practice of devotion, concentration and diligence in alignment to these sacred practices.  We come together in class to deepen the foundations but we also need self practice, devotion, concentration and commitment in our personal practice for the teachings to transition into our lives.  This series will run at Replants on Wray Ave in Fremantle, Western Australia for 4 weeks starting on September 12th, and continuing each Tuesday 19th, 26th and course concludes on the 3rd October.  Course is valued at 0 for all all 4 classes, please follow the link to secure your space.  Much love Yemaya.

at Re-Plants
96 Wray Ave
East Fremantle, Australia



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