Extreme Dialogue – Trainer (East Manchester)

Extreme Dialogue – Trainer (East Manchester)
Event on 2017-10-12 09:00:00
Extreme Dialogue is a unique set of short films and education resources featuring the stories of real people impacted by violent extremism, which aims to help young people develop essential critical thinking skills in the face of the threat from violent extremist propaganda and recruitment. The education resources (available via the project’s website) provide tools for teachers, youth and community workers in the Manchester City area, helping them to open-up vital discussions with young people. Who is it for? Teachers and professionals from schools and colleges, from one or many institution(s) at a time Up to 25 per cohort How does it work? half day workshop at school, sixth form or external venue The Programme will be participatory in its nature enabling attendees to experience and explore the materials first hand, as is the way we invite young people to partake. Activities will include: An introduction to the project and the films and resources; An overview of the educational and pedagogical approach utilised within the resources; Best practices for the delivery of the films and resources; A practical run-through of various exercises and activities; Safeguarding issues and answering difficult questions; Feedback and evaluation The sessions will also provide an opportunity to answer questions about the project, films and resources, and participants will also receive additional materials and guidance on how to successfully deliver the Extreme Dialogue resources to young people. ACTIVITIES include: Exercises – interactive roleplay activities and problem solving games followed by patient processing of analysing their own and others behaviour and thinking. Multimedia – using different multimedia to explore this topic. Dialogue – with each other, with their teachers, with Foundation facilitators, on controversial issues from prejudice and discrimination to violent extremism.

at Luther King House
Brighton Grove
Manchester, United Kingdom

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