‘Eye Care is Vital during Monsoon,’ Says Dr. Riddhi Shah of Vision Sankara

Eye care is very important during monsoon because eye problems are very common during the rains. Conjunctivitis, Eye Styes, Dry Eyes and Corneal Ulcers are common eye problems during monsoon. No matter how aware you are, someone or the other around you will get infected and pass it on to you. Children in particular need to be taught proper hygiene; else they will spread the disease. They love to get drench in rain water especially after the scorching heat.

A little care can go a long way in preventing infections and keep your eyes healthy so that you can enjoy the rains during monsoon.
Let’s have a look at some eye related problems that are very common during monsoon.

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common and treatable eye infections in children and adults. Often called “pink eye,” it is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a virus, bacteria, irritating substances (shampoos, dirt, smoke, and especially pool chlorine), and allergens. Pink eye caused by bacteria, viruses, it can spread easily from person to person.

Eye Stye
A stye is an infection that causes a painful lump along the eyelid. Styes are rampant during monsoon and are usually caused by bacterial infections

Dry Eyes
Dry Eye is another eye infection in which there is a constant flow of water from eyes. This continuous flow of water from eyes caused dry eyes and lead to irritation, pain and blurred vision. This is caused by exposure to dust and pollutants. So it is important to take care of eyes during monsoon.

Corneal Ulcer
It’s a very serious infection as it causes severe pain, blurred vision and pus discharge. The affected person should immediately consult an eye specialist.

Here are a few valuable Eye Care Tips that can keeps infections at bay.

Cleanliness – Keep special attention for clean and care of your eyes, rinse the eyes with clean and cold water. Try to clean your eyes two-thrice times a day and do not try to touch or rub your eyes very often as it increases the possibility of viral infection. Keep the nails small, or you are habitual of keeping big nails in that case proper cleanliness is a must. If eyes are pricking, do not rub your eyelids otherwise it would increase the danger of being infected.

Strong Wind and Sunlight – If strong wind is blowing or sun is too bright when you step out, use sun glasses. It will prevent your eyes from any infection caused due to smoke and dust and if you use contact lens, it will also protect the lens.

Rain Splashing-The risk of dirty, contaminated water entering our eyes is omnipresent during monsoon due to heavy downpour and splashing of rainwater. Immediate rinsing of eyes with clean water can prevent viral infection.
Avoid wearing contact lens during Eye Infection – Never share lens solution and containers with anyone and clean properly before and after use.
Swimming – Never use swimming pool during rainy season, as the pool water increases the chances of viral attack on your eyes.

Eye Makeup – Makeup comes out easily during rainy season, so always try to keep water proof makeup kit with you and never share it with others. Be careful while using eye makeup and check the expiry date of the eye cosmetic product before applying. Avoid using any cosmetic products during infection.

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