Eye Sharpening Sabre Vision

Anti-establishment is an anti-belief, a point of view that stands against to the conventions of social, political, and economic norms of a society. This would mean that Anarchy is a way of life rather than a concept and following or circumventing the normal rules of society is a normal everyday occurrence. That's what Sabre Vision wants to portray with their radical designs and styles of Sunglasses.

How do they portray an anti-establishment vibe with their sunglasses?

As a small Australian owned company, Brooke McGregor started out Sabre Vision back in 2004. McGregor wanted to get a message and an idea across the board of mainstream culture by uing bumper stickers in the beginning and then starting out a small blog. He was then able to move on to America and the US markets after being able to gain a small degree of success and started using heavily inked surfers wearing his company merchandise as a vehicle to promote business as anti-establishment. After that, the company flourished like no other.

Sabre Vision uses two design philosophies in their sunglasses, Fast Times and Real Times. Fast Times is a fashion forward made by hand product aimed at certain markets. Real Times is based on classic designs and using simple details and smooth, classic lines of yore. With these two design philosophies, their company is able to elevate sunglasses to a high level of style and still retain their anti-establishment roots.

Like what they have in their webpage and blog, "Sabre is a Definitive, Raw social reaction to the saturated corporate surroundings." And with sunglasses styles having names like No Control, Madness, Heartbreaker and 'Die Hippy', they certainly appear and represent an Anarchy centric brand and lifestyle to the anti-establishment individuals they know want something covering their faces to the masses.

The anarchistic agents of today have a razor sharp wit and mind aided with sharp eyes that can spot loopholes and play with it against rules and regulation. Following the norm is not what they want to do and they don't want to be fenced in to following something that they do not believe in. That's what being anti-establishment is all about t them and to heck with the rules imposed by the man.

Sabre Vision sunglasses styles having names like No Control, Madness, Heartbreaker and "Die Hippy" appear and represent an Anarchy centric brand and lifestyle. To check out some products with Sabre Vision visit http://www.mxstore.com.au/Sabre.html


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