Eyes of a Female Phidippus workmani – Florida

Eyes of a Female Phidippus workmani - Florida
Eyes Vision
Hey guys! Here's a detail of the anterior median and anterior lateral eyes of a female Phidippus workmani jumping spider found in Florida.

Salticids have fantastic vision and some of the "sharpest" eyes of all arthropods. The larger anterior median eyes you see here are of a higher acuity, and are additionally of a higher focal length - effectively like little telephoto lenses! Meanwhile, the anterior lateral eyes (and the remaining sets of latero-dorsal and posterior eyes) have a wider focal length - a bit more like blurry fish-eye lenses. Salticids look around not only by moving their cephalothorax, but also by shifting around their internal retina with small muscles connected within their cephalothorax. Next time you spot a salticid, get down in his/her face and check if you can see washes of color move about within their eyes. When their eyes are at their darkest - he/she is looking right at you!

Thanks for following my work and all the wonderful feedback! More to come!



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