1. DennisK K DennisK K

    If I were an MRA I wouldn't want to be associated with anything SJW since they are fueled by the far left (read Shadows of Nazi Party politic of the 1930's) in the name of whatever contemporary political issues they can leach on to….and aggravate. The result is hatred, bigotry of all sorts and divisiveness and I am sick of it. They are dis-empowering and destructive. The entire breadth of what I call the masculine movement is entirely different and unique. The philosophy is broad and deeply intelligent. It is defaced and obscured by the MSM at the behest of the corporate America that owns them. They want a pliant society and if the voices of men can be silenced it will make that job much easier.

  2. mforman30 mforman30

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

    I donated to the Red Pill and was excited to see it. I don't need an education on men's issues but was curious to see how Jaye would handle the material. But now, with MRAs apparently turning toward and defending Trump – an unprincipled, vengeful narcissist who doesn't understand the first thing about US democracy other than the value of the con – the movement just lost the center and lost reason. The short-term high will wear off but the stain won't. Trump just became what I feared Cosby might become – backing exactly the wrong person out of pent up hate for the SJWs.

    The only good news is that this leaves an opening for an actually rational men's movement to emerge. But it sucks to see people not seeing what is so obvious.

    I don't know you Kristal, but have seen your vids and enjoyed them. If you are no longer an MRA, I hope it is because you sensed this tide and jumped ship before it hit.

  3. MattBerial MattBerial

    Kristal is awesome! She seems very down to earth, which I like.

  4. C.R Jones C.R Jones

    wow – really good interview. thx

  5. Daniel Roberts Daniel Roberts

    Hey Kristal, have a you been able to do a live stream with anyone? You could attract some real good people to your stream. I would enjoy watching and listening.

  6. Yobyaxes The Anti-MGTOW Yobyaxes The Anti-MGTOW

    I'll tell you one other thing about Kristal Garcia. Kristal was one of the Honey Badgers that I had major suspicion in when I first discovered her. She seemed almost too much like a feminist to me to take her seriously and I thought she was gonna stab us in the back.

    I'm glad to see that I was wrong and that she does still care about men. Rachel Edwards on the other hand was another former Honey Badger that I was wrong about but for the opposite reason. I thought that she was legit in her activism but it turns out that it was her that had the knife behind her back the whole time.

    Not only that but Karen Straughan should have responded to John The Other and Diana Davison in the same way that she responded to Rachel after they both backstabbed Paul Elam.

  7. sirskeptic sirskeptic

    Just saw the red pill last night (MEL) you did really well in it.

  8. philip schuster philip schuster

    Good to see Kristal again. I think there's so much push-back from feminists because their whole ideology is based on finding a common target for their wrath – something they can all call a common enemy. What more convenient target than men? Men are the out group. Men got their rights a few decades before women. Most people in leadership positions are men. And men are expected to take abuse of all kinds without playing the victim, so we can be targeted with little empathy from society at large, or even other men themselves. This film challenges their basic assumptions and threatens to do away with that one common cause that they can all unite behind. That's why.

  9. Master Sphinx is Royal Master Sphinx is Royal

    I love this video. I hope the Honey Badger cast would invite Kristal Garcia to their podcast because she has a lot of passion and wisdom in discussing these issues in my view. 🙂

  10. Yobyaxes The Anti-MGTOW Yobyaxes The Anti-MGTOW

    Kristal Garcia is back. She's much better than Rachel Edwards.

  11. captnhuffy captnhuffy

    Hi Kristal Garcia!! **Respect!!!!!!

  12. trexpaddock trexpaddock

    Woot, it is Kristal! We missed ya!


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