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    • avatar Liza Koshy 1

      Guys this video is inspired by the lovely Thomas Sanders! READ MY DESCRIPTION. This is basically an #AD for him lol.

      Unfortunately some of you are offended, and you should be, it's 2017. But to clarify – yes I have anxiety, both the feeling and disorder. This is a 3 minute long, below-mediocre, video about how I find humor and comfort in my anxiety! I legit had an attack while posting it lol. If you feel angry about this, or if you feel more comfortable with your own, I think it's just dope I made you feel something at all lol. So please, keep the conversation going, I'm glad it started one! GIVE ME THE ATTENTION I CRAVE. I'm excited to talk even more about this. I don't know how to end this comment though platypus

      • avatar Coral Grimes 2

        the walking dad

        • avatar Creepy Cookie 1

          Omg this is AWESOME! XD
          I hope Thomas see's this!

          • avatar Blocktopia8 2


            • avatar Jessica Gabriella 1

              Though platypus

              • avatar Me, myself and C 1

                I love you Liza💞💞

                • avatar OmgPotato Rosey 1

                  Awh When I Saw This Vid Liza Looked So Sad So I Clicked On It XD She Looked Like a Poor Homeless Pup

                  • avatar Just Imagine 1

                    It's been a while, lol XD

                    • avatar Alice Sophia 1

                      12M YAAAAAAAAA

                      • avatar paradise island 1

                        1:59 best moment 😂😂

                        • avatar kookie kawii 1

                          I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

                          • avatar •Kristine • 1

                            Anxiety Must be so bad.

                            • avatar Jay Unicorn 2

                              When I’m sad i watch a then happy <$ :_:

                              • avatar Liza Koshy Fan 1

                                Who hopes she gets to 20 million subs ?! 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️