Facts About Autism That Autistic Parents Should Know

I’m going to present the facts about autism to help you better understand this growing condition people are getting. If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly autism means, it is simply a spectrum disorder the effects a persons ability to communicate and relate with others. It is something a person is born with and they’ll have it for the rest of their life or until a cure is found. With this particular disorder, symptoms vary greatly between sufferers. There are many that can’t function in society and need the care of another person, while others go on to live regular lives. I’m going to share the fats about autism to help you better understand this very misunderstood problem.

When you get right down to the numbers, 1 in 166 children born will have autism. When you compare that against other disorders and diseases, it is considered the most common childhood disorder you can get. It is interesting to note that there is a difference between genders. Males are much more likely to get autism than females and 1 in 94 boys are suspected to be in the autistic spectrum. This can really make you think about how very common it can be to have an autistic child.

The facts about autism seem to be ignored by the general medical community when it comes to actually funding research and treatment options. If you look at private funding, autism will receive around $ 42 million. That number sounds like a lot, but when you compare it against juvenile diabetes (1 in 500) will get around $ 130 million. It clearly illustrates a bias, where a less common problem is receiving over three times the funding. The same thing is consistent with other medical problems like aids, leukemia, etc.

There is this general misunderstood view of what autistic children are like. You’ve probably seen something in the media about it. Typically it shows an overly aggressive child or just scary looking tantrums. It’s important to note that these scenarios typically aren’t a result of autistic behavior, but of the environment an autistic child is put in. If you have a child that you can’t properly nurture because of their condition, than you’d only expect them to eventually lash out.

The facts about autism are quite simple. It is a problem with communication and relating to others. This leaves the child lacking the linguistic skills or the desire to talk. It means they have difficulty relating to others. They’re not going to pick up body language and react to it because they’re not born with that capability. You have to understand that a lot of these problems can be corrected with the right therapy. Of course it is impossible to fix everything, but many autistic children grow up to be regular people. They have jobs they go to and families they raise. I hope this illustrates the important points of autism.

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