Faith, Hope, with Great Blessings

Faith, Hope, with Great Blessings
Back Pain
Dear Dear Dear Friends,
These Band-Aids or bandages were clean and transferred to my large print bible for display only in the photo. After each chemo treatment the nurse would clean and flush my port and then place a cotton ball on it with one of these colorful bandages to hold the cotton in place. After four months and eight full treatments my oncologist tells me they believe they got all the cancer out again. The doctor is going to watch a couple things that the chemo may have messed up in the next few months, but other than that he thinks my immune system will be backup to normal in a couple of weeks. Good news is always welcome. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers. To me these mere bandages represent Faith, Hope, with Great Blessings, which I held onto throughout this ordeal, and of what I have received from Jehovah God and his son and reigning King Jesus Christ. It was fourteen years ago when they first found my cancer, and at the time they used me as a guinea pig in what they called a clinical trial of a brand new drug at the time, and with great blessings it worked on me. I was able to spoil my grandchildren for fourteen years before the severe pains came back this past year. Now after they further perfected the original drug I originally took and added a second chemotherapy to the mix, I have taken the treatments for the last four months again, along with many other oral medications. I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their patience with me during this stressful time in my life since the treatments cause so much weakness and nausea. The chemotherapy is like a poison they run through your body, and believe me, it has a strange effect on you. After losing three of my own first cousins in the past fourteen years of this same cancer, I feel really blessed to get another good report from my oncologist. In this old world, it is just one battle at a time. I hope you are all doing well and Thank you all again, as right now I seem to be doing just fine. Love you all.
Take care everyone,
Robert Counselman



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