Fall Writing Workshop Kickoff!

Fall Writing Workshop Kickoff!
Event on 2017-09-22 10:00:00
I invite you to fall! Fall is a time when abundance doesn't seem so much like an ethereal, unattainable abstract idea, but a real and tangible thing lived as experience. It is a time of work and play, family and friends, solitude and activities, harvesting and savoring. It is also a time to trust in your leap of faith, because in fall, we are seeing the fruits of all the work we've put into our year. Those tiny seeds we've planted and how they've grown to something unimaginable, but real. Large enough to eat, and yet seemingly larger than life. So what does this have to do with writing? Fall is a great time to write—it's also a great time to start thinking about and making goals around your writing. Fall prepares us for our time of introspection in the winter. And in this kickoff, we'll do all of these things. The Fall Writing Workshop Kickoff will take advantage of everything fall has to offer by creating an experience for you as a writer to be inspired, tap into your creativity, experience the abundance of possibility, and wrap yourself in the gratitude of words, wisdom, and the wonders this year has taught you. What you'll get out of the writing workshop kickoff: Get clear on your writing. Set an intention and goals. Understand what it is you have to write and why you are the one to write it. START WRITING. Build momentum. Learn the tools you'll need to tackle resistance, writer's block, and other obstacles. And really: Kick off! Kick off from where you are right now and start writing. Build your momentum. And hold it through the rest of the year. This year is still your chance to be the writer you want to be. And if this year isn't quite right, then this workshop will get you ready for the next year, using everyday tools and motivations to finally write what you're meant to write. Is this workshop right for you? You have a current or impending writing project. You probably have already taken my 5 Secrets to Freeing Your Voice seminar (there's still one in August!). You are a thought leader, change maker, industry disrupter. You can't not write this thing anymore. You are ready to commit to your writing. You have your own vision of success, and writing is no different. You are probably a woman, or identify as one—but the main thing is that you are ready to let your feminine powers lead, especially in a publishing industry too often controlled by men and a masculine way of doing things. What is the Fall Writing Workshop series? The workshop is a series of weekly to biweekly (planned around other events and holidays) writing intensives in which I teach you everything I know about writing, you get to put that knowledge into practice, and we all get to grow as writers. This is it! This is my opportunity to give you everything I can think of to help you move forward as a writer and with your writing. Each workshop will have a theme, writing exercises around that theme that you can use in your current writing projects, and inspiration and motivation to take those themes into the rest of your week of writing. You can sign up for just the themes that interest you, or you can come to every one. Sprinkled in the interstices of the workshops will also be opportunities to work with me one-on-one on your writing, if you need it. Other themes we'll be exploring in other workshops: Conscious Living / Conscious Language Change the World? Change the Words. Formulas for better writing vs. formulaic writing Create your book proposal Publishing How-To Shoot First, Edit Later Poetic devices in prose and oh so much more!!! To stay up-to-date on more workshops as I announce them, sign up for my Free Your Voice newsletters: http://eepurl.com/cg-be9 *I'm leaving the location open for now, because I plan to adjust this depending on the interest I receive. If there's a small group—I have the perfect place! If it's a larger group, then I'll have to do a little more work.

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