Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout – 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

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    • avatar chonegaimaita 1

      Mashaallaah… this exercise helps me so much for my weight loss programme and to somehow fix my back pain. I dont know how but it does! Its been 6days i'm doing this exercise as a variation to your 37 weight loss cardio. And i'm lovin it! Thank you!

      • avatar Wendy Prostek 1

        Thank you! Just what I needed, cardio & Pilates…..amazing

        • avatar Lilly Carmen 1

          Who has seen results? (visual & mental)

          • avatar ymadub 0

            This one was perfect for a rest day. The moves weren't all that difficult, and she cycled through them quickly. A full seven minutes at the end was devoted to stretching. I felt like I got my blood moving AND got myself stretched out a bit after a week of way too much running. Thanks again!

            • avatar Angie Schneider 1


              • avatar Fatima Siddiqui 1

                Can anyone pls tell me what timer do they use in their videos??

                • avatar Lynn Raad 1

                  Why alone this time ? Why he wasn't there ? 😉

                  • avatar suha sabri 1

                    First of all I need to thank you guys for helping us for free second I need to have a monthly program for toning my body how can I schedule my workout every day?

                    • avatar Jamie The Man 1

                      By the way I am queen e & s

                      • avatar Jamie The Man 2

                        Can you please tell the name's of the exursises

                        • avatar Mary Ellen Deveau 1

                          kinda easy going but definitely a great workout !  hurray !  again !

                          • avatar Tom Jones 1

                            Not for beginners! I couldn't get through the first set without feeling faint.

                            • avatar Tammy Smith 0

                              Thank you enjoyed this session