Feel Fit And Fine With A Full Body Massage

A body massage has a revitalizing effect on the body. It relaxes you, it invigorates you, it refreshes you. Read on to find out how a massage can do wonders for you in more ways than you thought possible.

When you have a headache you tend to rub your forehead in a massage-like fashion. Why? Because that relieves you of the ache. Spent many hours staring at facts and figures on the monitor? You massage the lower back of your neck to get relief. This is the basic principle of a massage - to create an ebb and flow of pressure in the target area. Qualified professional masseurs know exactly how to and where to massage an area of the body to generate the desired therapeutic effect. They also know the 'why?' of what they do. Let's go see what a professional massage therapist does for you.

You must visit a qualified, trained, professional masseur to get the real benefits of a full body massage. He will take you into a private cabin. There you will have to lie prone on the massage table, with a sheet draped over your body. The massage is given directly to the body areas and so you have to remove your clothes. You can choose to have a general massage or a special deep tissue massage or any other type of massage which is on offer. The choice is yours, and as you gain more experience in getting massaged, you will be better able to make your selection of a specific massage.

The first thing that happens when the massaging starts, is that the blood circulation gets enhanced. 'Enlivened' is the proper word for what happens to the blood circulation. The blood being the life force of the body, its increased circulation means the whole body gets livened up. When we exert ourselves physically, the muscles get tired due to the accumulation of certain catabolic wastes. The enhanced circulation washes away these wastes and voila! the muscles are not tired anymore! The blood contains elements which are vital for health or healing in other words. So damaged muscles, ligaments, and tissues get healed faster due to the enhanced blood circulation. That's why you feel fresh and whole during and after a massage.

It is not only sportspersons who require massage therapy. We all do! Our life has become so hectic; our lifestyle has become so sedentary or lacking in physical activity that our body suffers for it. We sit in awkward positions, we slouch, we shamble around... all this unconsciously. The result is that our blood vessels get shifted from their normal positions and so also do the nerves. Knotted blood vessels means poor blood circulation, which means poor health. Knotted nerves means your very sensations are disturbed. The brain gets a lot of static from cramped up nerves. Result: tension and stress, which makes you lose concentration, comprehension, and conviction. The body massage, as administered by a qualified professional massage therapist, mind you, works the body in such a way that your blood vessels and nerves regain their normal position. Your blood begins to flow normally and your nerves function normally. The physical pressure of the massage even serves to reduce flab, if any. Your skin benefits as well. The massage itself, and the massage oils, rejuvenate the skin. The subcutaneous blood circulation improves and the muscles that lie just below the dermal layer get exercised. This results in a firmer, tauter, radiant skin tone. So you end up looking better.

Most of us see only the physical aspect of a massage. What most people don't know is that a massage improves our mental health as well. The enhanced blood circulation clears out tension-causing artifacts and toxins from the brain. A properly administered massage makes you feel rested, and helps you get a good, satisfying sleep.

Massage therapy is based on the therapeutic effect of touch. Humans and animals both respond positively to being touched. Ever seen how a dog loves to be petted? What about that pat on your shoulder, that affectionate or sympathetic embrace? All these are examples of how we think of touch being a positive action, rather than a negative action. A well-trained masseur will know just how to touch you to make you feel positive and happier. A body massage is a natural mood elevator.

A full body massage is not a fad activity. It is based on sound knowledge and techniques. It is genuinely therapeutic. The only caveat being that the masseur must a properly qualified and licensed professional massage therapist. Getting a massage from a good masseur will help you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Many people are now using electric massage chairs to replace a human massage. While they are not as good, they do make a fair substitute if you don't have the time to go to a licensed therapist. Visit www.Full-Body-Massage-Therapy.com for more information on this plus other varieties of massage like a hot stone massage .


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