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FIDIC Contract Administration Learning Objectives :   Understand the philosophy of the FIDIC contracts Understand the clauses and requirements of FIDIC contracts Appreciate the role and responsibilities of the key parties Prepare tender enquiry documents Successfully manage FIDIC contracts Understanding the Principles of Contract and how a valid Contract is formed. Construction life cycle and various stages of pre-Contract activities Procurement strategies of Construction projects. (from the FIDIC guide) Clear understanding of the roles and obligations of Employer, Engineer and Contractor/Subcontractor. Administrating the Contract during the course of construction, as recommended by FIDIC. Local considerations in respect of penalties, force majeure and decennial liability etc. Recommendations for successful procurement and administration of Construction Contracts with practical tips for Clients, design consultants, Contractors and Subcontractors  (Red book, Pink book, Yellow book  &  Silver book) Course Contents:  Introduction to the Contracts - The Theory and Introduction to the FIDIC family General Provisions The Employer The Engineer The contractor Nominated Subcontractors The Contract Documents Responsibilities of the main parties including Employers, the Engineer, Contractor and nominated Sub-contractors Management of projects workmanship and time including Plant Material and workmanship Staff and Labour Commencement delays and suspension Defects liability period, Payment clauses and procedures including Measurement and evaluation, Variations and adjustments, Contract price, Bond guarantees and insurances Risks force Majeure and Suspension, Termination Claims, disputes and Arbitration Case studies and Group Exercises Schedule: Cuurse Date : August 18 &  25th  (16 Hours) Location:Dubai, UAE Course fee : 1200 AED For more information and details please contact us - Ms. Nafeesa 0504284472/ 0567212661-                          

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