Film Editing: Emotion, Story, Rhythm (in Adobe Premier Pro)

Film Editing: Emotion, Story, Rhythm (in Adobe Premier Pro)
Event on 2017-07-21 10:00:00
A broad comprehension of film editing is essential for full appreciation of film-as-art, as well as the construction of any audio-visual project – from a short film or promotional video to a full-length feature film.  As the Russian filmmaker Pudovkin stated: "Editing is the creative force of filmic reality, and nature provides only the raw material with which it works." Or as Orson Wells said: "The whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room." — Intensive creative film editing Workshop. Taught by a veteran British film editor with an international reputation. Daoud has over 35 years experience as a film editor and more than ten as a teacher of film montage and sound design. The Workshop consists of teaching the intimate relation between Emotions, Story and Rhythm in film editing. Students learn to master Adobe Premier Pro (Mac, English).  Participants practise editing directly with fragments from original film material owned by the teacher. Students gain creative as well as technical experience simultaneously.  Students complete one (or more) detailed exercise that integrates all fundamental aspects of film editing: Emotion, Story and Rhythm, and through this they learn to dominate the software. Within this exercise students pay attention not only to the image, but also to the soundtrack. The construction of this short film reveals the magic and power of film editing. In 12 hours students learn:  • How to start a project correctly• Workspace layout and keyboard modification• Importing digital material• Editing in the Source (marking Ins and Outs)• Editing in the Timeline• Adobe Premier tools and timeline layout• Selecting material and forming a First Cut• Structuring a story with images and sounds• From First Cut to Fine Cut• Basics of applying visual filters and transitions• Creating Subclips and marking material • Cleaning and repairing sounds and designing a soundtrack• Laying in music and sound effects • Audio Clip Mixer and Audio Track Mixer• Basics of using sound filters• Basics of correcting image density and colour• Basics of using Keyframes• Adding Titles and Black Video• Exporting the film correctly for Youtube, Vimeo, DVD, etc….and more. In addition, enrolled students will receive an original pdf written by the teacher to read in preparation for the course (English). Plus a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts, plus a digital (.kys) copy of the keyboard configuration they use during the Workshop. Courses are highly personalised – three students maximum – with each student using a dedicated Mac running a recent version of Adobe Premiere Pro.  Classes will be held in English. All software will be in English. This is a small group of three, each with a dedicated Mac for the full 12 hours, running Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017. Students will edit at least one original project. — “I can’t remember the last time I was so inspired while learning something new!” M. Mendelson, student "A really helpful, hands-on course. I recommend it. Daoud is expert but patient. He's worked with some top UK documentary makers but understands where difficulties may be for the student. I knew a lot about film-making but needed a lot of help with the software and his explanations were clear and practical, working on a real project. T. Longmore, student "I highly recommend this course. I had no former experience but Daoud is not only an acclaimed filmmaker, but a good teacher. The course is very well-structured and clearly presented – and I surprised myself at what I produced. Now I have a thirst for more…" M. A. Brophey, student

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