Financial Leverage

Financial Leverage
Event on 2017-06-28 19:30:00
Successful people use the power of leverage to help them with their goals and dreams. Leverage means using all of your assets, knowledge, skills, time and relationships to get what you want or need in life. An example of leverage is how successful people leverage knowledge and skills. They understand that they cannot possibly know everything or be good at everything, so successful people leverage the knowledge and skills of their network of relationships. They tap into the collective knowledge and skills of everyone in their inner circle to help them with their goals and dreams. Leveraging what you have means being aware of all of the assets, knowledge, skills, time and relationships at your finger tips in order to get what you want and need so that you can achieve all of your goals and realize all of your dreams. Does anyone know the major difference between a successful investor and the average investor? The answer of this question is that a successful investor knows how to make money by investing with other people’s money while an average investor invests with personal funds. Investing with other people’s money is a form of leverage.  Leveraging is quite an unfamiliar term with many people. However people leverage all the time, sometimes unknowingly. The minute you took on a debt, or a loan, you are already leveraging. From housing loans to car loans and even your credit card debts are the most common forms of leveraging. People leverage on banks for money they do not have to buy property they would like to stay in and to some for investment. People leverage on finance company for money they do not have to buy a vehicle for their convenience and to some a form of status. Banks and finance company in turn depends on the borrower's promise to pay back principle plus interest before lending out their money. Leverage for investment however is less common and sounds more like a rich man's game, seems only possible with high net worth. Leveraging for investments sound expensive and risky. Unbeknownst to many, leveraging for investing can be safe and inexpensive. In fact I came across a free financing instrument that offer to invest both your principle and the financing component into a percent bond fund! It can be offered to anyone whose risk profile classification ranging from conservative all the way to aggressive.   Leverage is not a new concept and it's been around for a long time. Almost everyone is leveraged at some point in their lives. Leveraging for investment isn't new either but it's made popular by the financial industry. While free leveraging sounds interesting and to a certain extend lower risk, investors should still exercise their caution by ensuring they fully understand the terms and condition associated with the free financing, alongside the risk of leveraged investing.  Come join us on 28 June to uncover the hidden values in values and understand how you can apply "leveraging" and "interest-free financing" to grow your wealth. You have definitely more to gain. Did I say coffee will be on us? :) 7.30pm: "Uncovering Hidden Values in Investment" 8.00pm: "Apply Leveraging to you Advantage" 

at The Metropolis Tower 1
No. 9 North Buona Vista Drive, #18-01
Singapore, Singapore

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