Finding Relief From Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is something that effects nearly every pregnant woman. The amount of pain is unique to each woman, but can be incredibly painful in some cases. To avoid such pain you need to find a way to offer relief to the muscles in your back. You do not want to spend the entire pregnancy in pain.

Women experience back pain whilst pregnant for multiple reasons. The most common time for expectant mothers to develop this type of discomfort is during the third trimester of their pregnancy. This is because the body has gained on average anywhere between 20 or more pounds and the majority of it is located in your abdominal region, thereby creating strain on your back.

Other reasons like posture can cause back pain during pregnancy. Further, changes in hormone production caused by the pregnancy may create issues for the muscles of the back. The hormones achieve this by loosening your joints in preparation for the baby; the space has to come from somewhere. However this can cause pain. For all of these reasons pain relief whilst pregnant can become a top priority.

A simple technique to help with the pain is avoid sleeping on your back; instead try and position yourself on your side. Many pregnant women prefer sleeping on their back but in reality this will place additional strain there, aggravating the potential for pain. But sleeping on your side will lessen the strain on those muscles, particularly if you are able to keep the knees bent. It has also been reported that holding a pillow between the knees provides some relief from the pain.

A nice warm bath can also help to control the back pain. Doing so permits a loosening of the muscles. If you do not enjoy baths, a heating pad placed on your back can accomplish the same thing. Also see if you can get someone to give you a backrub, which will help to loosen up your back muscles as well.

Proper attire worn throughout your pregnancy will ease the pain of back ache as well. High heels are a mistake, they will simply make the pain worse by causing unneeded strain. Maternity pants might not be the most attractive thing around but wearing them will ease your back pain because they generally have a supportive waistline in them. You can purchase special belts to help with the pain; they are designed to give extra support to the belly and help take some of the load away from your back.

You can learn more about back pain during pregnancy at the Back Pain Management site.

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