Foot Tattoos: The Latest In Female Tattoo Designs

Almost everyone can agree that the foot is a very sexy part of a females body. Thus has lead to some really great foot tattoo designs being created for women. These designs are being requested more and more by women and it is easy to see why. Women are getting tired of the old lower back tattoo design and now they are looking for other options. Thus is where the foot tattoo designs are coming in. They are the newest is sexy female designs.

If you are contemplating getting a foot tattoo design then you will want to know more about them. While these designs are super cute and can make a great tattoo they also have some downsides you should be aware of.

The Positives Of Foot Tattoos

If you have been contemplating getting a foot tattoo design then the chances are you should go for it. There are many advantages to getting one of these great tattoo designs. First of all the look super cute and can be the perfect accent. There are also a ton of great designs that work well on the foot. Many of the more feminine designs such as a butterfly, fairy, and flowers or vines all work very well on the foot. They are also a great place to get a tattoo because they are easy to cover up in a professional setting where tattoos are not acceptable. Then when you want to show off your tattoo it is very easy to wear a pair of sandals and display that tattoo. It really makes the perfect combination of hidden when needed and then being able to reveal your rebellious side when chosen.

The Best Designs

It is not a good idea to pick your tattoo based on what other people think. Tattoos are all about personal choice and self expression so just because the tattoo shop has a lot of flash or because someone told you this would look cute are not good reasons to get a certain design for a tattoo. With that said however it can be a helpful starting point to look at what types of designs other people are getting in the same area that you want your tattoo. Some of the more frequently used designs are butterflies, angels, flowers and of course stars always look incredible. You might also want to consider a feminine tribal tattoo design.

Foot Tattoo Disadvantages

There are not a lot of disadvantages to getting a foot tattoo and for most the benefits definitely out weigh the disadvantages. However before you decide to go out and get a foot tattoo you should know all of the facts and consider if it is the tattoo design and location for you. First of all the foot is a pretty sensitive area and the skin is close tot he bone on the top of the foot. Thus often people report that foot tattoos are more painful then getting a tattoo in some other areas. It can also be difficult to keep your foot still for a long period of time and especially when in pain. It is common to want to jerk your foot back away from the pain thus making it hard for the tattoo artist to do his best work. Another downside of foot tattoos is they can take a longer time to heal. Since they are often in the shoe and covered with socks it can take a long time to fully heal and it can be some what painful during the healing process.

If you are considering getting a foot tattoo then you should go for it. However take your time and find a tattoo artist that can work with the ideas that you want to incorporate into your design.

One of the most important steps in finding hot Foot Tattoos For Women is to choose a design that will suit your needs and express something unique about yourself. Check out the link above for more on hot foot tattoo design. You might also want to check out this website dedicated to tattoo designs for a ton of hot information on designing your own custom tattoo. Hot Tattoo Designs and Ideas

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