For Better: Women in Divorce and Separation

For Better: Women in Divorce and Separation
Event on 2017-08-02 11:30:00
This month, bring a notebook and a favorite pen. Using storytelling and memoir techniques, we'll clear our minds and gain insight with writing exercises.  Share or keep your results for yourself. No pressure needed here. Bring one favorite quote for inspiration. Please join Certified Financial Planner™ Larissa Vidal of Insight Financial Planning for an informal discussion group for women leaving significant relationships.  In a supportive and positive environment, talk about the emotional and logistic issues we encounter in divorce and separation.  While no one initially plans to end their partnership, it is possible to use this transition to grow into the life you want.  This monthly meet-up is your space to explore what you need. Please RSVP.  Discussion group limited to 13 attendees.  Feel free to bring your lunch.

92 Lenora St
Seattle, United States



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