Foundations of Herbalism – Professional Herbalism Course – Air Module

Foundations of Herbalism – Professional Herbalism Course – Air Module
Event on 2017-10-07 09:00:00
The Foundations of Herbalism This year our Professional Herbalism Classes through the Mid-Atlantic School of Herbalism at Smile are following a new format. They can be taken as a continuous year-long course leading on to the second year of the Professional Herbalism course or taken separately as a one day or weekend course for Continuing Education credit (AHG) or simply for interest’s sake. The Professional Herbalist Program runs over the course of two and a half years (2½). At completion of the first year, students receive a Foundations of Herbalism Certificate. At completion of the second year, students received a Certificate of Advanced Herbal Studies. For those that are interested in clinical practice, there is also a 6 month clinical component. If all stages are completed, students receive a Diploma of Clinical Therapeutic Herbalism. The course is in executive format consisting of 1 weekend a month over a period of 9 months (contained in 3 modules of 3 months each). Students can begin the course at the beginning of any of the modules as they are all self-contained. Study between classes is required. Each of the 3 modules is 9 for a total of $ 2097.00 for each entire year. The clinical component is 2 modules of 3 months for a total of 6 months and is 0 per module. Any class payments can be paid in installments, if desired. Students may also choose to take classes one day or weekend at a time for 0 for the day, or 0 for the weekend. October 7th & 8th: The Respiratory System & EENT (Ears, Eyes, Nose, & Throat) We can’t exist without the air we breathe and the airways we take air in with. Our lungs must deal with the assaults of everyday life; air pollution, cold & flu bugs, hayfever & allergies and in some people, asthma & COPD. It pays to nurture our airways, remembering to stop and breathe deep and drink herb teas and herbal formula to rebuild, calm & soothe them. Saturday October 7th: We begin this module with an introduction to Ayurvedic philosophy and the dosha of Air or Vata and look at herbs to balance the air element. A herb walk around the garden will be included to acquaint you why respiratory herbs growing in the garden. The afternoon with open with an introduction to the Western Herbal philosophy of the Respiratory System, the concept of humors and herbal energetics. We’ll follow up with some basic respiratory physiology and conditions then talk about specific herbal actions and remedies for coughs and asthma. Sunday October 8th: We’ll begin the day looking at more herbal respiratory actions or categories such as the respiratory amphorterics, Mullein, Garlic, Elder & Thyme and relaxants; Elecampane & Grindelia. We’ll also look at the specifics around allergies and hayfever, one of the most common issues in the respiratory system and make some herbal preparations. We’ll finish this weekend up looking at issues and herbs for EENT such as sinus infection, earaches, and common eye conditions. Herbs will include Echinacea, Calendula, Plantain, Red Clover and Bilberry. We’ll also head out to the garden for some plant ID. November 4th & 5th: The Nervous System The true Body-Mind connection is most evident in the Nervous System. If we are what we eat, do we not become what we think? A well-functioning nervous system creates a calm mind and herbal tonics, relaxants and nervines have often paved the way for a relaxed manner & good night’s sleep. We will explore such herbs as St John’s Wort, Valerian, Kava and Jamaican Dogwood for anxiety, insomnia and the blues. Saturday November 4th: We begin this weekend’s module with a look at herbs to balance the air element specific to the Nervous System. These include Withania, Shatavari, Eleuthro, Triphala and Haritaki. The class will also look at organoleptic qualities of herbs. In the afternoon, we’ll cover Nervous System physiology and conditions such as depression and anxiety. Case histories of these conditions will showcase specific nervine and sedative herbs and formulations of herbal blends will be explained. The students will put together a herbal formula & do a taste test of it. Sunday November 5th: We’ll begin the day by looking at Nervous System actions and delve into the concept of herbal adaptogens reviewing such herbs as Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Astragalus and Ginseng. We’ll also look at the conditions of headaches & migraines and go over integrative protocols for them. In the afternoon we’ll finish up the weekend looking at protocols and herbs for insomnia. We'll go on a herb walk to collect supplies for a sleep pillow and ID plants in the garden & neighborhood. December 2nd & 3rd: The Skin & Lymphatic System Last but not least, we’ll focus on the Skin and Lymphatic systems. We seem to forget that our skin is our largest organ and often needs tending! It protects us from hot & cold, chemicals, light and micro-organisms so let’s treat it well. Classic Diaphoretic & Lymphatic herbs to assist in elimination include Red Clover, Calendula, Yellow Dock & Burdock. We’ll also look at blends for psoriasis, eczema, burns and wounds. Saturday December 2nd: We’ll continue our exploration of Ayurveda and the dosha of Vata in an overview of skin herbs such as Calendula, Flax, Marshmallow and well as specific oils for nurturing the skin. We will introduce skin physiology and common conditions affecting the skin such as psoriasis and eczema. Finally we’ll look at herbal actions specific for skin care and an overview of herbs and protocols for those conditions. Sunday December 3rd: This morning you will be treated to a holiday herbal preparation class. We'll be looking at herbs specific as emollients and make preps for dry skin, acne and just to feel soft as well! Finally, we’ll finish off this Air Module by looking at specific remedies for children. We’ll look at common conditions such as colic, teething, colds and fevers and figure out ways to make herbs taste good enough so that kids want to take them!

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