FREE Chemistry in Motion™ 10th anniversary… a dance of connection

FREE Chemistry in Motion™ 10th anniversary... a dance of connection
Event on 2017-08-27 14:45:00
10th Anniversary celebration: Free admission for everyone! Have you tasted the experience of contact improv dance? Do you value personal awareness, growth, and evolution? Do you savour consciously connecting with others?   Chemistry in Motion™ supports you in learning and developing contact improv dance skills, whether you are new to the practice or are a seasoned dancer. This facilitated event fosters your inner connection with your most profound and enlightened sense of self. From there, connect deeply, energetically, and playfully with other dancers.   Come join us for a great workout: physically and in exercising your skills of communication. Chemistry in Motion™ is particularly designed for you to explore the realm of intimacy at your own pace, helping you clarify your comfort and readiness. Engage as your heart guides you, listening within, and in awareness and sensitivity to the choices of those with whom you dance.   Come on your own, come with a partner, or come with a bunch of friends.   Dovercourt Penthouse (top floor, 805 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto, just north of Bloor)   Warm up: 2:45pm — Facilitated event: 3:15 to 5:30 — Open to stay to 6:00pm   Wear clothes suitable for yoga or dancercise. Knee pads are a useful option. Come refreshed. May want to bring a towel and change of shirt. We’ll be exercising! Best to avoid wearing perfume or scents, for the comfort of others.   FREE this time! Get your ticket now as space is limited. (Usual price ranges from to with early registration discounts.)   Remember your water bottle! Dinner together afterwards is an option. :)   See a video of contact improvisation on our Facebook page (you may need to copy and paste) at: Check out what people say about their experiences at Chemistry in Motion™, also known by Communicadance™. The most recent comments are at the bottom of the page: To review general guidelines for safety and interaction at this event, look here: Contact: Alex Perlman 416-429-2468 —  

at Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Rd
Toronto, Canada



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